An otherwise useless bag, the scrotum holds quite possibly the 2 most sensitive nodes in the human male's body. Any type of impact upon the scrotum results in impact to the testicles. When the testicles receive an impact (i.e.: a swift kick, bullet puncture, crushing by pliers) the rest of the body is rendered useless for a period of time directly proportional to the severity of the impact.

In Australian tourist trap shops, they sell a kangaroo scrotum pouch as a bag for carrying coins. While I don't know if those things actually came from kangaroos or if they were some cow hide, it would be a little strange to carry my coins in the scrotum of a dead animal.

In human males, the scrotum holds the testicles in a pouch outside the body, which I am told, is because sperm production works better at temperatures slightly colder than core body temperature.

The scrotum can be partially retracted into the body, by way of the cremaster muscle. The cremasteric reflex, which causes the muscle to contract and accordingly shift the scrotum, can be elicited by gently stroking the inner thigh of the subject.

Embryologically, the scrotum arises from the same tissue that forms the labia majora in females.

The plural of scrotum, incidentally, is scrota. One scrotum; two scrota.

"Joe and Bob both accidentally used poison ivy leaves for loincloths; as a result, their penes and scrota became extraordinarily fucked up."

I suspect that the word "scrotty" also came from "scrotum". Healthy men keep their scrota clean, though, so they don't get all scrotty.

Scro"tum (?), n. [L.] Anat.

The bag or pouch which contains the testicles; the cod.


© Webster 1913.

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