Level 9 was a British publisher of text adventures that was very popular in the 80's. Their first product was an extended version of the original Adventure. Today, the company is out of business and has gone to join the choir invisible.

Level 9's text adventure games (today probably known as interactive fiction) were amazingly good. Their best was probably Snowball. You really had to understand how the ship worked, or you'd never get anywhere (you could "go" to something like 10 million rooms, almost all of them totally uninteresting). The plot was good, there was sufficient humour to make things interesting (the hypodermic-wielding robots were called "Nightingales", but weren't angels of mercy, and I won't go into the roboticised form-filling to get the welder), and the coding was tight (not that I ever tried to cheat on the game).

I never finished it. Shame, really.

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