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Snow Cones are one of the easiest treats to prepare, and are quite refreshing in hot weather.

Uncle Accipiter! Uncle Accipiter! How do we make snow cones?

Settle down, children! I'll tell you!

What you need:

Take your ice and crush it. (Ice-crushing refrigerators with the front-serving levers are ideal for this.) Load the crushed ice into the blender about half full, and add about a half a cup of cold water. Blend until the ice is finely crushed. (The water is added so you don't wreck your blender.) Food processors will work, but are a bit more clumsy.

Keep adding more crushed ice until you have a lot of crushed ice in the blender's pitcher. When I say "a lot" I mean 3/4ths full.

Drain the excess water. Pop open the top of the blender, and scoop out the ice into your coffee mug. (Paper Cones are the traditional serving method of snow cones, but there's a problem: THEY SUCK. They get wet, weaken, and leak making your hands sticky. Coffee mugs work a lot better.)

Once you have a nice heaping mound of ice in your coffee mug, pour on some flavored syrup. You can buy flavored syrup in some grocery stores and online. I highly recommend grape, cherry, or cola. Coconut is good too.

You could probably have a vanilla snow cone, but that would probably just result in a bad joke.

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