A cartoon parody of Goodfellas / The Godfather featured on Warner Bros. zany Animaniacs show. Basically they're three gangster pigeons, who fight alot and dont seem to do much else. The best bit of the show is when the "Godpigeon" comes on. Think Marlon Brando with feathers. This immense bird has the power to stop trafic. I dont think he can fly though...

The three Goodfeathers are Bobby, Pesto, and Squit. Bobby is the big one with the soft voice. He is often needed to keep Pesto and Squit from killing each other. Pesto is the excitable one, with a hair-trigger temper. Squit is usually the one to set Pesto off, usually with some innocuous comment.

Sample exchange: (paraphrased)
Squit: "Wow, Pesto, that was really eloquent!"
Pesto: "What did you say?"
Squit: "I said, that was really eloquent."
Pesto: "Are you saying I'm some sort of pachyderm, with a long trunk and big ears?"
Squit: "No, man, I'm just saying that what you said was really eloquent!"
Pesto: "THAT'S IT!"
(Pesto proceeds to pummel Squit.)

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