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"I love humanity; it's people I can't stand." -- Linus Van Pelt
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There's really not much to learn about me. I'm 26, male, and a software engineer by trade. I'm also an alumnus of RIT, in Rochester, NY. Go Tigers!

E2SS2K3: Well, my new secret Santa, what can I tell you? I think my write-ups (including those I've yet to do; see below) represent a good cross-section of my interests and talents. I put my trust in you to select something appropriate. =)

E2SS2K2: Huzzah! Upon returning from being away for the holiday, I found a package from doopokko awaiting me at the post office. Included within, amongst the packing peanuts: a lovely greeting card, a copy of the Star Trek novel The Eugenics Wars (volume one), a box of Enterprise-D blueprints, and a neato Star Trek mousepad. Thanks, doopokko!

I solemnly covenant that at least 90% of my writeups shall be factual writeups

29 January 2002: Made Level 4 with Caitian.

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