Hot dang! That time of year is again drawing near.

What time of year is that, Anml4whateverthingy?
Joy? Love? Cheap Booze?

No, silly! It's time to bust out:

E2 Secret Santa 2003!
(A.K.A. E2SS2k3)

Since most of you know what this is, let's go right into the F.A.Q.:

  1. What the heck is this? - Fair enough. See here and here.
  2. I got so screwed last year. Why should I participate again? - Several significant changes are being made to the rules. This should alleviate the issues we had last year. I also have spent the past month preparing a tracking program to better organize the whole event (read: I'm pasting everything into a gigantic spreadsheet instead of writing an overly complicated web system).
  3. What are the changes? - See the rules below
  4. How do I sign up? How much do I spend? Should I cut all of my hair off? - See below, see below, and if it makes you feel good, then by all means yes.
  5. Wait. It's like September! The Halloween decorations aren't even in the store yet! What are you doing?! - While yes, it is a bit misleading to have a "Secret Santa" this early, it really isn't about Secret Santa. It is about sharing things, ideas, and other real-life things with real-life people, instead of the faceless text you normally see on here. Plus, I found last year that college folk appreciated getting the present early before they had to head home for the break.
  6. Is E2SS2k3 a turnip? - I wasn't sure either, but ClockworkGrue just informed me that it is not. We can all breath a collective sigh of relief on that one.
  7. What is this backup thing? - Being a backup means you may be called upon to send a second gift to a different noder if their Secret Santa is a no show. You will not be assigned more than one person, and if you don't think you can afford it don't worry about it - I'm the only one who sees it and it isn't a big deal


  • Sign-ups will be open from August 31st, 2003 through September 30th, 2003. Everyone will be assigned on October 1st, 2003. You must send out your gift by November 1st, 2003 (and tell me about it) or else a backup will be assigned and you will be added to the non-senders list.
  • There is no limit on spending. We have had some really neat items sent in the past. Homemade stuff is by far the coolest.
  • Nobody got the super sekrit good luck bearing gift last year, so it's back out on the block.

How to sign up

Registration is now closed - see you next year!

  1. Read the rules above, and know that you can abide by them. Love the rules.
  2. Be sure that you can send out a gift by November 1st, 2003.
  3. Go look at last year. See all those people who didn't get jack? Don't make me create another list like that this year.
  4. Copy and paste the form below into your favorite email client. Fill in the blanks. Send it off to (Email removed). I am using email this year because 485 messages is just too many to go through in the Message Inbox. If, however, you would prefer not to email, please /msg me with the below info.

Clarification on the form:

  • All information will be kept confidential - It is only used so the person that is your Secret Santa, or the person assigned as a backup, can send you your present. Email addresses will *not* be given out to anyone. They are used so I can contact you directly if there are problems
  • If you have people that you don't want to be assigned, or have assigned you, please note that in the section below. I don't need to know the reason why (and from some writings I have seen around here I probably *don't* want to know the reason why :)
  • Once you have sent me this email (if you go that route) you will get a confirmation email in return. This should happen fairly rapidly, however due to the uncertainty that is the internet it could take up to 24 hours.

Official E2SS2k3 Sign-Up Form
Send to (Email removed)

E2 Username:

Name you want packages shipped to:

Email Address you can be reached at:

Address to ship packages to:
(Even if it is in EMAR put it here)

Special shipping instructions:

Willing to be a backup?

Anyone you don't want to be assigned?
(Due to being your SO, or you despise, or had a
one-night stand with, or any other reason?)

Things you would like to receive?

Any other notes:

Other Info

  • Let's make this fun. I really don't want to have to ask the Ninjagirls to help us out again this year. Mmkay, thanks!
  • I will be asking a God to create a /msg list for all of us. Please don't abuse it.
  • It might help to place any additional information about you on your homenode. When I assign out people I will send the information you put on the form, but by putting more information they can actually learn a bit about the person they are sending this to.

Questions? Feel free to /msg me. Thanks!

Late Breaking Notes:

  • From blondino - if you hold down shift when you type e2ss2k3 it looks like cartoon swearing (E@SS@K#) (Removed as a possible violation of the DMCA)

Signups Received:
(Also will be where gifts will be placed when received)
Last updated: November 4th, 2003

  1. abiessu (Sent)
  2. allseeingeye - I got my Secret Santa Package in the mail today - It was The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, a kickass book which contained a lovely note. Very nice.
  3. althorrat - I got a nice card and a quartet of mix CDs from trainman! (Unfortunately, they were somewhat damaged because my mailman decided and 8"x12" package could fit in a box 1/3 tthat size.
  4. Andrew Aguecheek - I got my gift today, no idea who it wa from, and it days not to open ittill xmas!
  5. Andromache01
  6. Anemotis (Sent)
  7. arcanamundi (Sent)
  8. Arviragus (Sent)
  9. B1llymo - I received a Stanley London style Brunton compass. A pic of one is at
  10. banjax (Sent)
  11. BaronWR (Sent)
  12. blondino (Sent)
  13. BuffcorePhil (Sent)
  14. bus ridin' fool (Sent)
  15. cethiesus (Sent)
  16. ClockworkGrue - francesemma sent me an awesome mix cd of bands from her home town! So cool! And some hand-made bracelets! And candy! And a pressed fairy to make Lady Cottington jealous!
  17. d313rium (Sent)
  18. dann (Sent)
  19. DaveQat - I got my SS Stuff! Woo! A Bath Kit(oils, sisal scrub, etc) and a huge piece of tiger's eye and a card and AUSTRALIAN WHITE CHOCOLATE KIT-KAT! YAAAAAAAAY!
  20. disillusioned - By the way: roninspoon sent me a cool necklace and two even cooler arrowheads, hand-crafted by himself. All packed insightfully in a "book lamp for her" box, which admittedly threw me for a loop initially... Rock!
  21. ducksauce (Sent)
  22. ElevenFiftyNine (Sent)
  23. equistate (Sent)
  24. exceptinsects (Sent)
  25. flufeemunk (Sent)
  26. francesemma - I've started to recieve my secret santa present. So far I've had three postcards with various photos from my secret santa's hometown... with a hope that there will be more to come. I'll keep you posted :)
  27. Goldfish (Sent)
  28. GoodKingNerdnor (Sent)
  29. gwenllian (Sent)
  30. HamsterMan (Sent)
  31. Heisenberg (Sent)
  32. heppigirl - I got a post card from my secret santa this week - it's from Rochester, New York (and I can't figure out who it is which is driving me nuts :))
  33. Hexter (Sent)
  34. hodgepodge - and I got from Servo5678 a book called Lucky Wander Boy, which is a rather bizarre tale of a guy who liked his videogames way too much.
  35. iambic
  36. Intoku (Sent)
  37. izubachi (Sent)
  38. Joyeuse - I received my presents last week. I received money from around the world, a map of London, cool postcards (St. Paul's Cathedral and more), a wonderful story, a card, and a wonderful letter telling me something more about my Secret Santa. The most fun part of this gift- it is coming in parts! THANK YOU!
  39. jrn
  40. kthejoker (Sent)
  41. l00dD00d - No Springs had a dozen cookies sent to my house with the help of the ninjagirls' bakery! Thanks man!
  42. Lazarus (Sent)
  43. lizard (Sent)
  44. Lometa
  45. Lother
  46. magicmanzach (Sent)
  47. Martian_Bob (Sent)
  48. Master Villain
  49. mawa (Sent)
  50. mcc
  51. metal rozsa - yay! my gift arrived today, a good day to skip from morning classes! I got a yummy mixed bread that is awesome and some lovely plant cuttings to match my poor cat aten version of it so happiness reborn! And several individually wrapped gifts that will wait till Christmas, if I have the willpower, from yclept!
  52. mkb (Sent)
  53. momomom
  54. No Springs (Sent)
  55. no_one (Sent)
  56. Nocte (Sent)
  57. NothingLasts4ever (Sent)
  58. Oakling (Sent)
  59. Orpheum (Sent)
  60. Ouroboros (Sent)
  61. Pint (Sent)
  62. pjd (Sent)
  63. Powers (Sent)
  64. Proquar (Sent)
  65. Rancid_Pickle - dem bones sent me a wild and crazy collection of comics of the likes I used to read... HOW DID HE KNOW??? (other msg)I was lucky enough to get something from dem bones - a stash of comics - of the likes I used to fervently collect. How did he know? ooooWEEEEoooo! He's right - E2 really *is* alive! Update: Gack... allseeingeye pulled a fast one on me! He was my SS, and Bones dows NOT live on West Soy Road, /me is redfaced yet still happy!
  66. ReiToei (Sent)
  67. renderer (Sent)
  68. Roninspoon (Sent)
  69. Royhoo33 who shares with us an entire writeup of what he got:

    My Brother: "You got some mail from the UK."
    Me: "Huh?"
    My Brother: "The customs sticker says it's books and a card."
    Me:"Ah." (said with an insightful tone)

    I think my mom thought it was some mail bomber and i was his latest victim. Or maybe a pervert sending me some smut. But i knew it was just my e2ss2k3 gift. HUZZAH!

    I opened the package and found 4 books and a card. The card wished me a Happy Christmas and was signed by a noder by the name of banjax. Banjax is a good man. Banjax apparently read my homenode. He sent me books! Books about (and related to) the Matrix! I needed books! I also recieved some red and blue candies (red pills and blue pills... get it? This guy is clever) called Smarties made by Nestle. They're like MnM's. I was extremely pleased with my gift and will definetly be signing up next year.

    Here's a list of the books i recieved:

    -Taking the Red Pill
    Science, Philosophy and Religion in The Matrix
    edited by Glenn Yeffeth with an introduction by David Gerrold
    Published in the UK by Summersdale Publishers LTD
    Originally published in the USA by BenBella Books

    -Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
    by Lewis Carroll
    Published by the Puffin Group
    First Published in 1865

    -Zen For Beginners
    by Judith Blackstone and Zoran Josipovic
    Illustrated by Naomi Rosenblatt
    Published by Writers and Readers Publishing Inc.

    -The Matrix: Unlocked
    An Unauthorised Review of The Matrix Phenomenom
    by Paul Condon

    Published by Contender Books

  • Scribe (Sent)
  • Segnbora-t (Sent)
  • sekicho - Wow! exceptinsects sent me House Curry, miso soup, fruity pasta sauce, and--best of all--an authentic ballot from the California recall election! Rock on!
  • Servo5678 (Sent)
  • SharQ (Sent)
  • shimmer (Sent)
  • Siobhan (Sent)
  • sloebertje (Sent)
  • smileloki (Sent)
  • Sondheim (Sent)
  • Spiregrain (Sent)
  • Taliesin's Muse (Sent)
  • telyni (Sent)
  • TenMinJoe
  • the alchemist (Sent)
  • The Custodian (Sent)
  • The Debutante
  • Tlogmer (Sent)
  • toalight - YEAH! My Secret Santa sent me - get this - Douglas Coupland's Life After God. There are several layers of irony to this of course, but the fun part is that I got a Douglas Coupland book last year as well. So thanks santa, especially for the words you wrote inside of it.
  • trainman - I got a nice big book with lots of old train photos in it from my Secret Santa, who may have taken the "secret" too literally, since unless I completely missed it on the enclosed card and/or the return address, I can't tell who sent it, so I don't know who to thank! (Ed Note: - it was Wiccanpiper
  • Trina (Sent)
  • wazroth - mkb sent me the coolest little 1:43 scale RC toy of the Nissan 350 Z. It is unspeakably cool.
  • Wiccanpiper (Sent)
  • wuukiee - whee! I got my gift. It's a NaNoWriMo survival kit, incuding notebooks, a swell fountain pen, and a mix CD i happily await listening to, from d313rium
  • yclept
  • Anml4ixoye - I received an incredible package from Royhoo33 - It contained very cool teas, coffee and biscottis (who can resist that?!), all from his mom's coffee shop in Colorado, which I will be patronizing next time I am there.
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