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To my Secret Santa...
I like things that are new. By this, I don't mean 'nice and shiny and fresh from the shop'. I would like something new to experience, to broaden my horizons. In the past I have had a lot of success with books. Seeing as I read mostly sci-fi or geeky books perhaps you have a particular favourite that you think is a classic and you think I should experience. To be honest, anything that comes from the heart and might put a smile on my face. Happy hunting.

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Nod to butterfleafrog - my latest victi^H^H^H^H^H errr.. mentee who has opened with some strong nodes. :)

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The Lonely Old Man - a deprture from my usual style. What do you think?
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I'm getting more 'creative' in my old age. Consequently I have been writing more creative things. I tend to work on stuff in small chunks in my E2 scratch pad. Feel free to have a look and tell me how I'm doing.

The best thing anyone ever said to me on e2:
" dyslexia: thank you for writing this."

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