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For the notelet nodelet, you might find this interesting if you're using Mozilla; it makes it a lot easier to read text:

<style type="text/css">
p a[href], blockquote a[href], td a[href] {
	color: #444444;
	text-decoration: none;

p:hover a[href], blockquote:hover a[href], td:hover a[href]{
	color: blue;
	text-decoration: underline;

p a[href]:hover, blockquote a[href]:hover, td a[href]:hover {
	color: darkred;

If you don't have space in your notelet for CSS (such as the above), you can get around that; replace all the text between <style> and </style> with ''@import url("http://domain.tld/path/e2style.css");'', where you have a webserver on domain.tld, and e2style.css contains the p a[href ... etc.

Just resting.

Glowing Fish says Goodness, couldn't you just have all of e2 on your homenode?

I hear there's a limit of 65535 characters. I'm getting there...

These are just suggestions for stuff I think is missing/needs work. You won't find them easy: in some cases, there's not much stuff on the 'net. Spuunbenda did HERF Gun and neuroleptic. Melknia did Chloroform. Sgoldgaber did traffic analysis. slyph did Freenet. The Custodian did supergun. These are most likely coincidences.

What happens is, I bookmark a couple hundred wus, then try and categorise them. Usually by title, but I try and look if the title is ambiguous.

Haven't read yet but I REALLY should.
  • Defining resistance in the Nazi state
  • Hukbalahap
  • Islam, women, and Saudi Arabian society
  • Geography Engineering Physics Mathematics Cryptography Logic

    Here, delFick by 3Suns have written some very good pieces.

    Biology ( and/or (bio/neuro)chemistry/psychology ) Computer programming Computer administration Computer networking Computer Science (/maths/logic) Computers - uncategorised History - pre cold war The cold war and post-. Japan, etc. Chess You should read these:

    You may think that the people here are in some kind of scary cult which revolves around knowledge and links and people.
    Well, you're right.

    *SPLUTCH* Good Long Reads: books Good factual writeups Military tech

    So this guy was walking to the market with his family's only goat. He'd been told to get as good a price as possible for this goat, since his family was very poor. So here he was, walking along, with this goat tied to a piece of string, and the string tied to his belt. All of a sudden this leprechaun appeared.

    This leprechaun says to the guy, "nice goat you got there". And they guy is all like "woah fuck, a leprechaun!". And the leprechaun is like "what?".

    I think there was a punchline or something after this bit.

    Useful stuff

    Wouldn't you rather raise armies and start revolutions? How about shattering preconceptions: imagine prying open the minds of millions with crowbar words and pickaxe images. You could burn down the barriers in your world and in our heads that separate us all... You can do all these things.

    But first you must realise: a masterplan without a path to walk from here to there is no plan at all.

    Cool webster words: Cool words that AREN'T Webster!
  • don't touch your brain
  • This is the closest you'll ever get to an inspirational message
  • games film music Creative writing (will grow as I recategorize) Some writers on this site rule. And These: Headology


    Political, economical and stuff (broadly speaking) which I find interesting.

    Factual stuff unopinionated things that noone will flame me for bookmarking:

    Freedom: International: Articles written by noders: Concepts, old and new: We: Us: Media, and not:

    Copyright, IP, free speech, and the Internet:

  • Technology and the erosion of privacy
  • Free Speech v Reno
  • This is What Democracy Looks Like
  • War on some drugs Law enforcement Teh funny.
    Fit the first:

    Noding about noding.

    Nodeshells, a few of which are mine: Nodeshells which are not, in fact, nodeshells anymore, due to the fine writeups contained within:
  • The nail that sticks up gets hammered down
  • links which I thought were users: Entelechy, Soupy Sales, 2100010006


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