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Logic problem game, in which one player or team poses questions to another, which have to be answered correctly to score points. There's many variations on the rules of play. I personally prefer when you can get hints and ask yes or no questions. This is because I posess all the logic skills of a marmoset.

Some sample questions:

1. What five letter word does every Harvard graduate pronounce wong?

2. Imagine two bridges that are exactly alike except that every dimention of one bridge is twice as large as the other. For example, the larger bridge is exactly two times longer, its structural members are exactly to times thicker, and so forth. Which of the two bridges would be stronger, or is their strength the same?

3. How many cubic meters of dirt are there in a hole 6 metres long, 2 meters wide, and 1 meter deep?


1. The word wrong.

2. The smaller bridge is twice as strong. If a steel girder, B, is twice the size of girder A in every dimention, it will be twice as strong as girder A but it will weigh eight times as much. The double-size bridge could be so weak that it would collapse under its own weight.

3. None

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