Here are some of the practical jokes we used to play on Navy Newbies, or those bald poorly tanned folks from boot camp.

  • Ships
    1. If someone tells you to report for the Mail Buoy Watch at the bow of the ship, it's a joke. Believe it or not, they don't dump loads of US Mail in the middle of the ocean for ships to find.
    2. If someone needs you to get a heavy HT punch from the ship machine shop, don't. Some of the folks who work in the machine shop are Hull Technicians, or HTs. They will gladly give you a heavy HT punch - right in the arm.
    3. If someone tells you to stand watch on the stern of the ship and report if you see any (spelled phonetically) "See Gee You Elevens", or CGU-11's, that too is a joke. They're telling you to watch for Sea Gulls (Sea-g-u-ll).

  • Aircraft
    1. If someone tells you to go get 15 radar contacts to repair a connector, it's a joke. A radar contact is a target on a radar screen.
    2. If someone tells you to get 200 yards of flight line, it's a joke. A flight line is where they park the aircraft.
    3. Don't fall for the 50-gallons of Prop Wash either. Prop wash is the air pushed back from a propeller or helicopter rotor. There actually used to be a real soap solution called that, but it's no longer used.
    4. If someone sends you to supply to get one large "ID-Ten-Tango", they're sending you to get one big ID-10-T, or Idiot.

    There are a few more, and I'm sure there's ones for other services, but these are the most common ones used in the Navy.

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