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Eejit is Irish-speak for idiot, and is one of my favourite words. I find it very satisfying to say, for some reason.

According to the Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly, the word "eejit" is not unparliamentary language, and members of the Assembly are thus entitled to sling this insult around with impunity. This is probably just as well, as any restriction on the use of the word would surely cause the business of the house to grind to a halt. Eejit is a wonderfully all-purpose insult, which depending on the context can imply anything from great fondness to utter contempt.

The matter arose in the Northern Ireland assembly after Mr Billy Hutchinson of the PUP made the comment,

You’ll never find me hiding behind anyone, you eejit, shut up.
The Speaker, John Alderdice, was asked to rule on whether this constituted unparliamentary language. In ruling that it was not, he turned up the following amusing precedent:
In the 1982-86 Assembly a Member raised a point of order and asked the Speaker at the time, Mr (later Sir) James Kilfedder, whether or not it was in order for a Member to "act the eejit". The Speaker’s ruling was that
"The Member is not acting."
He did not, however, rule that the word "eejit" was unparliamentary.

I cannot find any similar ruling from the parliament of the Republic of Ireland, Dáil Éireann, but a quick search of their archive of debates indicates that the word has been used on many occasions in the house without drawing any untoward attention from the Ceann Comhairle (Speaker) or other members.

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