Common slang words and phrases used by Irish people, like myself and Cliph and the rest of them. Gained a lot of popularity (at least parts of it) due to Father Ted, no doubt.

NB: Irish-Speak is not necessarily the Irish language (Gaeilge), but some parts of it may be the result of direct literal translation from Irish into English. For example, "Good on you" is Irish-speak for "Good for you", because in Irish, a physical or emotional state is said to be on a person, rather than them having or feeling that state. "Tá ocras orm" = "There is hunger on me" = "I am hungry".

See: feck, gobshite, arse, like, craic, eejit, aul, ting, slagging, yoke, ferdacraiclike, tis, gowanouttadat..

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