You are a demanding consumer, and you demand instant gratification.

Your needs are our main concern, so lets be honest.

As consumers we all have needs and desires. Trouble is, we supress them.

Now in nature, as well as in the business world there are winners and there are losers.

But does the predator pity the prey? I don't think so!

Its not just unnatural, its unhealthy. So here is what you must do :

Nuture your desires. Cultivate your desires. Let them grow and flower into the bloosom that is greed.

You see - you are needed!

Your greed provides this country with the fertile financial soil in which the roots of exploitation can spread, the limbs can grow and florish.

This in turn furnishes you, the consumer, with the standard of living you've come to expect.

The products you buy. The programs you watch. The car you drive. Your job.

These are the things that define YOU as an individual.

Without them you have no identity, no purpose, no reason to exist.


Its not just a good idea, its a precept America was founded on.

It will keep you right where you are.

And we'd like to keep it that way.

Cop Shoot Cop

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