My wife has a Patented Look-of-Death. When I've screwed up, I can tell how bad things are depending on if she unleashes the Look at me. She furrows up her forehead and just stares a hole in your cranium. The effect is very disconcerting, and it is the look that I would expect would be on the face of the Wicked Queen in Snow White.

She's used it on our kids a few times. Their response is comical, as you can hear their jaws click shut and their protesting cease.

We were sitting in a doctor's office one day while she was pregnant with our first child. She was tired and grumpy. There were several other folks there, and there were two toddlers that were being noisy. One kept coming up to her despite my wife asking his parents to have their kid stop throwing things at her. Well, they did nothing, and the kid started to approach her with another Lego block. She turned to him and unleashed a Patented Look-of-Death on the kid, who stopped so short he fell backwards. He began to cry, got back up and ran to his parents. They couldn't see that look, and their kid was in the middle of the room, a good 12 feet from us. The kid was inconsolable, and cried the rest of the time he was in the same room as my wife.

Hell, it can make me feel like that at times.

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