Ah, the 80s were a fluffy, happy time. Take for example, The Care Bears...

Care Bears first appeared in a line of American Greetings greeting cards created in 1981. Their popularity soon outgrew the limited exposure provided by greeting cards, propelling the Bears into the world of toys, books, television, and cinema (The Care Bears Movie, The Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation, and The Care Bears Adventures in Wonderland). They also spawned the Care Bear Cousins, a group of non-ursine animals who also encouraged people to care.

The Care Bears are a group of very colorful Bears whose mission is to help people care. Each bear specializes in a different area of caring, and their names match their prevailing personality (conveniently, there are also symbols on their tummies so you don't mix them up). They live in Care-A-Lot, a magical place in the sky filled with rainbows and clouds (cared for by The Cloudkeeper). They travel down to Earth via the Cloudmobile. When they meet up with a bad guy, the Care Bears join together and implement the Care Bear Stare, which gives the baddie* warm fuzzy feelings.

*Keep in mind, Care Bears villains tend to be crazies who want to steal feelings or something like that.

The Bears (with their colors and symbols):

  • Bedtime Bear - Blue, with a moon and star
  • Birthday Bear - Orange, with a cupcake
  • Champ Bear - Orange, with a trophy
  • Cheer Bear - Pink, with a rainbow
  • Day Dream Bear - Orange, with heart balloons
  • Forest Friend Bear - Tan, with a bear and rabbit
  • Friend Bear - Orange, with flowers
  • Funshine Bear - Yellow, with a sun
  • Good Luck Bear - Green, with a four leaf clover
  • Grams Bear - Gray, with a rose
  • Grumpy Bear - Blue, with a cloud
  • Harmony Bear - Purple, with hearts
  • Love-A-Lot Bear - Pink, with hearts
  • Secret Bear - Orange, with a lock
  • Share Bear - Purple, with a fountain soda
  • Surprise Bear - Blue, with a box
  • Take Care Bear - Orange, with an apple
  • Tenderheart Bear - Brown, with a heart
  • True Heart Bear - Multicolored, with a star
  • Wish Bear - Turquoise, with a shooting star
  • The Care Bears are, frighteningly enough, still around. They're enjoying a more relaxed work schedule than they had in the 80s, perhaps an after-effect of the Care Bears / Strawberry Shortcake / Smurf wars.

    Official Care Bears website: http://www.care-bears.com/

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