Warrior-musician from Dune

"Behold, as a wild ass in the desert, go I forth to my work."

In the Dune novels and films, Gurney Halleck was in the service of Duke Leto Atriedes as warmaster and military mentor both to the Duke and his son Paul. He's both fiercely loyal to the family and fearsome in the training of Paul, which included the art of war but also weapons mastery, melee fighting and self-preservation. He brooks no excuses and insists that Paul train as hard as possible.

His hatred for the rival House Harkonnen is down to the murder of his sister by Beast Rabban. That, and his rescue from the Harkonnen slave pits explains why he sticks closely to Duke Leto and the family. This is tested later after the fall of Arrakis when he is leading a group of melange smugglers and runs into Paul (now Muad'Dib) and makes a reconnection with Paul's mother, the Lady Jessica. His acceptance by the Fremen and the mutual deep respect they share are a source of his strength and value to Paul and his family throughout the span of the novels.

He is fond of quoting from the Orange Catholic Bible, and much of his dialogue in the original novel contains quotations relevant to the situation. His musical ability with the baliset is also reknowned, a true warrior bard with a hint of monk.

He is portrayed by Patrick Stewart 1984 film, by P. H. Moriarty in the 2000 miniseries and by Josh Brolin in the 2021 Denis Villeneuve film.

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