The Get-Along Gang: one of a legion of 80's cartoons that rest foggy in the minds of 20-somethings everywhere. They were part Care Bears, part Shirt Tales and taught kids (you guessed it!) to get along.

The cartoon took place in a middle school or high school-esque setting; the moose played football (he was the hero, of course) and some of the characters were cheerleaders, bookworms, etc. Each member of the gang was unique in three ways: they were each a different species of animal, each represented a stereotype à la The Breakfast Club, and every character had a petty annoyance or flaw that would spark misunderstandings and conflict among the group. By the half hour's end, problems are resolved and everyone is friends again.


Aired on CBS 9/84 - 7/86


The Gang:

Montgomery Moose
Bingo Beaver
Zipper Cat
Dottie Dog
Woolma Lamb
Portia Porcupine
Braker Turtle
Officer Growler

The Bad Guys:

Catchem Crocodile
Leland Lizard


Get-Along Gang!
Get-Along Gang!
Each one's so special in his own way.
Montgomery's a leader and he's such a good sport.
The Get-Along Gang, Get-Along Gang!

There's Woolma and Dotty with the spirit.
And Bingo's a friend who doesn't ruin it
The logical Portia will figure it out...

There's more, but it gets cheesier and harder to understand from there.



Zipper's Millions Half A Map Is Better Than None
Caboose On The Loose
Montgomery's Mechanical Marvel
Head In The Clouds
Hunt For The Beast
Woolma's Birthday
The Get-Along Detectives
The Get-Along Gang Go Hollywood
Them's The Brakes
A Pinch Of This, A Dash Of That
Bingo's Tale
Engineer Roary
The Pick Of The Litter
Nose For News
The Lighthouse


The Wrong Stuff
Uneasy Rider
The Get Along Gang Minus One
Camp Get Along
Bingo's Pen Pal
Follow The Leader
School's Out
The Bullies


That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles

Interesting bit of trivia: like the Care Bears, Rainbow Brite and Strawberry Shortcake, the Get-Along Gang started out as characters on greeting cards.

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