"Annie's Song" was used to great effect in the movie My Best Friend's Wedding. Jules and Mike are standing in front of a large tent, where hundreds of helium baloons float at the top. As they discuss something, the viewer becomes aware of some activity going on behind them. Mike's teenage brother Scotty and two of his buddies are playing around with the helium tank, as teenagers often do, and laughing at each others' voices.

But then the viewer notices music... the boys have started singing. And slowly the camera focuses in on them, leaving Jules' and Mike's problems behind to show a brief interlude of teenage inventiveness. These teenage boys, likely much bigger fans of Hootie and the Blowfish or Live than of John Denver, are actually singing "Annie's Song." Could they possibly have any chance of understanding the feelings of pure love that underlie the lyrics? Do they feel even a twinge of embarassment at actually knowing the lyrics of a John Denver song?

It doesn't matter. For a brief, wonderful moment, the movie takes a break from its plot and just soaks in the simplicity of three boys at play -- "Annie's Song" in glorious, three-part, helium-assisted harmony.

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