Sometimes you still my heart

No one sees what I see when they look at you. You are my one true and secret treasure

You look at me with your heart in your eyes, and I don't want to move. Not now. Not ever.

Your arms circle me, making me little, in need of protection, sheltered... and I am at the point of tears.

You lie beneath me, throat taut, neck arching back, calling out suddenly... and I want to stop what I am doing and hold you close.

Your arm caught in sunlight... each hair a tiny golden thread making me turn away before I weep. A perfect moment of clarity when I see you.

You are familiar, and beloved. And yet, in the tiny moments when I feel a sudden rush of who you are, beyond what I know in my day to day mind...

You are strange to me, and wonderful, and almost beyond belief.

Or so I think, as I hold you,
as you press your head to my chest.

"Your heart is beating unusually fast."

Oh well,
I guess not.

A true story.

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