You are a bandit, no doubt in my mind
A thief of hearts, stealing one piece at a time.

First, you tiptoed in, snuck around behind me
whispered pretty words in my ear,
and while I wasn't paying attention,
slipped the first part in your pocket

You looked at me from across the room
a quick glance with that small smile,
then you turned slightly away
with part two caught in the twinkle of your eyes.

Your scent lingered as you passed me by
wrapping itself around me,
sliding beneath my garments,
carrying the last part with it as it faded.

But I was onto your game
I learned your trade
I too can blow in an ear, glance over my shoulder
and trail my fragrance on the breeze.

While you were carefully purloining my heart
In one daring swoop, I stole yours.

(with many thanks to Demeter)

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