You thief of speech, you sugar plum, you tease, you goof ...

Like a cat, unnoticed you walk up behind me, blow some air behind my ears and vanish before I turn around, but your scent, my sweetheart, decieves you and I know that it was you.

Alone in the nights when I'm working on my PC, churning the code out, compiling, and linking these bits, these cases, these ifs, these loops, you touch my hands and my fingers get a life of their own ... they start to write poems (the bad kind, the bad kind, oh yes, I know - but I write them for you)

You lovely thing, with your secret smiles, your side glances ... I know you're aware I'm noticing when you move your hair away from your face, I know you're aware what you do to my heartbeats. I know you're aware what colors my dreams are. I know ... yes I do.

You carousal ride, you dreamy eyes, you thief of hearts, you heart breaker ...

You come late at night after I've gone to sleep, and leave every morning before I'm up. You think its funny, you play with me, touch my lips, run you finger through my hair. You think I won't notice, you think you're safe. But your scent, my sweetheart, decieves you and I know you were in my bed last night.

You know that I'm a little crazy, and only I will hear, and when I'm with someone around, you call my name, you call me near. (You're such a tease, you're such a tease.)

You feather touch, you laughter of kids, you full moon night, you gentle breeze ...

Like a game of chess, you make your moves, I watch you play, I let you plan. What you don't know dear, is that in one instance, when you didn't notice, when you didn't realize, I made a move and like a tiny wild lonely flower you sometimes see by the side of roads, like early morning songs of birds, like sleeping naked in each others arms, I stole your heart. Yes, I stole your heart.


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