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As we bleed through your sheets, my dreams of rapture, stringed around my neck, silver threads of your fingers, the palm of each hand closing in. Cover up my eyes in shame, dip me in the water red, and unclothe me from inside and out, stripping each layer of flesh one by one. Do not fear to slide yourself into me, but never tear the cord that keeps me in place. I'm a rupture in a still mountain, the crack and rift that serves to speak to you; touch gently.
I have been built to be used blindly; I'm but the tool in the woods of the sightless, have you heard me speak? My voice is of whispers, blushes and soft sighs. Whoever created me has been but less cruel, less terrible and less despicable than they should have been. I ponder my name to no end, but without any path. You ask no questions of me, simply take.
What is your purpose here, intruder of my castle, ghastly perpetrator of my garden, follower beneath all hellish stars created in heaven, six edges of mortal suffering, six edges of divine grace, and your warm brown eyes. I know you. I am so sure I know you. Where have we met before?
You are not trespassing here; I am simply making up excuses to keep you out. As if you were the same as I, you play this little game of tricks I've laid out to tempt you with, but you are not ensnared, no, you are not fooled, you are not burnt, you are not frightened...you. Where have we met before? Where did you come from now? Why have I been looking for you?
Clothe the moss about my bare chest, fill my heart with autumn leaves, and hold me in your eyes. Never lose sight of what has yet to come, as fearfully as I can feel it approach. Stand through the storm, stand up against yourself. Leave me if you will. If you can. If it won't break your heart.
Or mine.

Do not take back all the things you said to me, but overcome them with other words, other tokens of your tongue upon my eyelids, your lips against my ears, fingertip against my veins. Make me believe, I have come to you to trust. Teach me how to feel you.

Take all my advice and give it to me, in the dark, behind shivering curtains as we bleed through your sheets.

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