cat gifts and cat gifts 2

I am falling asleep and Boa Cat is calling. She calls. Sometimes I answer: "Hi Boa."


"Here kitty." I am sinking into sleep

Mmmmmrrrw. Getting closer. It's the something in the mouth call. After the bat, I usually try to wake up enough to flick the light on. Ah, a sparkly ball, not a bat. "Good Boa." I pat her. "Thank you."

But some nights I fall asleep while she is still busy. My daughter is home, so Boa has to monitor what the daughter is doing. And my Ex came into town and stopped in and they were up talking.

I wake up with one sparkly ball on the bed. Or two. Or three.

Ok, once there was half a mouse on the pillow.

At any rate I am loved. I want to remember when gloom overtakes me or when someone is unkind.

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