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I got off the plane this morning and walked into the terminal. I woke up extra early today and couldn't get back to sleep, which, combined with the usual after-the-flight daze had me feeling a little out of it.

Walking from the sunny tarmac, my eyes adjusted to the terminal lighting and settled on a particular face, she was in her mid 20s and quite beautiful, not what TV calls beautiful, my kind of beautiful; a healthy face, with eyes that show a pure soul. She was looking back at me, I, a little dazed and mesmerised, kept absent-mindedly staring straight at her. Neither of us feeling self conscious for about 10 seconds of pure human connection.

I started thinking that we must have hit the maximum time that strangers can spend on this kind of behavior, so I gave her my one sided Stasik smile and before having to turn my head too much to keep looking at her, switched my attention to navigating my way around slow moving passengers. I think I saw a glimpse of a smile forming on her face, but I didn't wait to see, I wanted to keep this moment as it was.

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