Another evening at the local gas station, and you stare absentmindedly at the customers running, walking and occasionally coasting into the store. As you finish your fuel and head inside you catch a glance of a young woman exiting the store. She is younger than you-How young? How would you even know? and she has bright eyes that catch the fluorescent glare. Her hair is unkempt and free and her clothes are both a disarray and a statement- Like I care .

You smile to yourself and wonder if she knows how much pull she has, if she understands her voltage. Then she stops her stroll and looks over her shoulder-at you . And you realize now, for at least a moment, the grin is for you. You smile and look at the ground-flattered and pleased all at once, and you stop walking and you wait:

For what? For her to come up and talk to you? To give you time to think of what to say to her as you run out to her car? Is there some form of pause here that would allow you to step out of your existence and step into hers?


There is no reason, there is no consequence, there was just a little smile, shared. Nothing more. You will have to fill in your own blank.

Keep your eyes on your own paper

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