I like the idea (love) it's -

I like the idea of this place, it's run skip hop and jump HAPPY. It's a ridiculous illusion but if you can keep it up, and I can keep it up, and if we can make each other smile, it's the best illusion I'll ever know.

The other day I wanted to reach out and touch you so I got out my plastic goodies and magnetic goodies and made up a package for you and a postcard for you and wrote a long bluddy e-mail for you. Contact, contact, contact. I like the idea of knowing you and you and you and all of you becoming my friends .just.like.that.

I like the idea, it's crazysexycool and it makes me very giddy. I'm crazy right now and I have this lump in my throat, I like the idea of all of you being part of this something, this illusion, this happy happy place, this ridiculously wonderful community. I took some words and put them through the grinder, it gave me this: (I like the idea love it's) a random sentence that means nothing but how much I am crazy about everyone and everything here.

I just know someone's going to feed me some scrumptious facts and boy, the chatter feels comfy like whiz bang whee and elsewhere one of you will dish your pain out to me, drop by drop, and I will eat your pain and I will lap up your words and struggle with my own and we will share things with each other because that is what people do.

Get busy.

All you have to give are the words between us, lots and lots of words, and that's all I have to give you back, but if we can take my words and your words and build a story out of them, it's going to be the best damned story ever written.

group hug-group hug-group hug

I like the (idea) love. it's -


GangstaFeelsGood says

are you on drugs??
GangstaFeelsGood says
You must be on CRACK

I like the (idea) Love it's
that which I've wrapped you in
I like the (idea) of you it's
who I've enveloped love around
I like the idea of love
I love the (idea) of You
I like the idea of
reaching out to touch the
possibilities because of
love, it's the (idea) I like and
Love, it's you

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