This would be the phenomenon that describes an attraction based on respect for an individual's talent. This attraction is not mutually exclusive from You are smart, I would like to make love to you. or You are beautiful, I would like to make love to you.. As an example I would like to present the following story.

I was coming home from class one night and there was a nice young girl that was heading in the same direction. She actually lives in the same apartment building as myself and we have spoken once or twice. She is not unattractive by any means and she seemed nice the few times we spoke but I never thought much of it. This was no fault of her own considering that I have a bad habit of wandering through the day without thinking about anything and occasionally reminding myself to breathe.

As we were entering the gate to the building I heard what can only be described as one of the most beautiful singing voices I have ever heard. I looked around for the source and when I turned toward her the singing stopped. I inquired if the voice was in fact her. To my delight, she confirmed that it was her voice. I am not one to give compliments very often but at that moment my mind flooded with words and I wanted more than anything to compliment her on her beautiful voice. I considered telling her that she had the voice of an angel, or that she could calm the most vicious beast. All I managed was, "That was incredible". She modestly thanked me and we talked for a little while.

For some reason, I was instantly attracted to her. Not in a sleazy, "I want to get in your pants" kind of way. But in a "I want nothing more than to know your secrets and desires" kind of way. Even though this does not fit the node title exactly, I believe this story is the kind of feeling that would be involved.

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