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"We pursue that which retreats from us."

Extremely smart and philosophically aware 2000 film directed by Jenniphyr Goodman and starring Donal Logue as the charismatic Dex, a slightly obese man who, despite his weight, is very popular with women, largely due to his philosophy: the Tao of Steve.

The philosophy operates on three principles:

  1. Eliminate your desires. If you're out with a girl and you're thinking about getting laid, you're dead in the water. A woman can smell an agenda.
  2. Do something excellent in her presence, therefore demonstrating your sexual worthiness.
  3. After you eliminate your desire and do something excellent, you must retreat. As Groucho Marx said, "Act like a woman can't join your club, and she'll do anything to get in."

In short: Be desireless, be excellent, be gone

The "Steve" the philosophy is named after is the quintessential guy who doesn't try to impress the ladies, and yet always gets the girl: Steve McGarrett, Steve Austin, and especially Steve McQueen. James Bond is a Steve. Michael Jordan is a Steve.

The philosophy extends itself from beyond the conjugal bed to the achievement of spiritual perfection within oneself. Well, maybe not spiritual perfection, but certainly a better sense of self-worth.

If you like this sort of thing, also check out The Knack... and How to Get it.


  • Donal Logue : Dex
  • Greer Goodman : Syd
  • James 'Kimo' Wills : Dave
  • Ayelet Kaznelson : Beth
  • David Aaron Baker : Rick
  • Nina Jaroslaw : Maggie
  • John Hines : Ed
  • John Harrington Bland : Priest
  • Selby Craig : Chris
  • Jessica Gormley : Gossipy woman
  • Craig D. Lafayette : Matt
  • Mercedes Herrero : Gossipy woman
  • Cheryl Anne Jaroslaw : Gossipy woman
  • Dana Goodman : Julie
  • Dave Bynum : Epperley reunion band: bass
  • Matt Nader : Epperley reunion band: guitar/vocals
  • Dave Terry : Epperley reunion band: vocals/guitar
  • John Truskett : Epperley reunion band: drums
  • Sue Cremin : Jill
  • Roxanne De Mien : Sarah
  • Jessica Bohan : Diane
  • Tristan Bennett : Tris
  • Duncan North : Duncan
  • Zak Garcia : Zak
  • Jacob Sanchez : Blonde card shark
  • Cira Sandoval : Vanessa
  • Shane Hamashige : Corey
  • Jeannie Bauder : Secretary
  • Nicholas Ballas : Doctor
  • Mataika Amon : Kinko's chick
  • Garland Hunter : Kelly
  • Matthew Hotsinpiller : Jeremy
  • Directed by Jenniphr Goodman

    Written by Duncan North, Greer Goodman, and Jenniphr Goodman

    Based on a story by Duncan North
    Based on an idea by Duncan North
    Based on Duncan North

    (no, donfreenut, Steve Gutenberg is not a Steve)

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