Julie called and said, "Hey, I'm alone -- Come on over." The offer was hard to turn down. She'd answer the door in a silk robe, with a glass of wine in her hand, and say, "Beer's in the fridge, wine's on the counter", and wander away.

I'd find a drink, then she'd yell, "Hey!, come on in here". She'd be in the bedroom, or the bathroom with bath water running, and would proceed to take off my shoes and socks, and everything.

In the bathroom she took the tap end. She'd toss the soap, wrap her legs around, and scrub feet and toenails with a soapy brush. Then she played with feet, massaging and tickling.

One thing surely led to the bedroom. I was young at the time, and later figured out Julie was a nymphomaniac.

She took me to a clothing-optional social gathering. The nudist club had rented exclusive use of a condo clubhouse for the night. We found a locker for our clothes and wandered around a bit. After an hour the club was starting to get steamy. I was uncomfortable with groups.

I said, "Julie, let's find our own space, OK?". We wandered around and found a closet in the laundry room. The closet looked solid and roomy, so we climbed onto the middle shelf and shut the folding doors.

Things progressed naturally, until someone opened the folding doors. In the heat of the moment I looked out and saw three older ladies looking in on us. Well, they were club members, fifty, sixty-ish. They were dressed. One of them was wearing a flowery hat. They were all smiling.

I shut the door and a second later one of them opened it again. I said, "Go away", and one of the ladies replied, "All we want to do is watch."

Julie whispered, "Ignore them, go on and they'll go away." She could tell this was not easy for me. She kissed me and, somehow, got me to ignore them. A couple minutes later Julie looked over at the prurient ladies and said, "OK, you've had the peep show, you can go away now."

Julie shut the door, for the last time.

A few years later Julie got married to a guy almost twenty years older than her. She still called me.

I recall her wedding day. She said, "The wedding's small, but please come to the reception". I went to the reception with John, who was also invited.

When we got there we found around 20 people, all having fun talking, drinking, munching food and laughing. A half-hour later the place was packed, 50 or 60 people mingling.

There was a sudden, perceptible, change in the atmosphere. People were noticing the guests were practically all guys. After a while it was hard not to laugh, watching all these guys milling around giving each other the eyeball, like, "You too?".

Julie loved guys, a lot.

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