To ogle someone in a highly suggestive sexual way. Leering at someone's body is considered to be sexual harassment.

Also, an attack in the various Pokemon games that lowers your enemy's defense. This is very useful, especially in gym battles, because often the gym leader will have one strong pokemon who you must severely weaken before you stand a chance to beat it. Many pokemon learn this move, usually very early on, though generally it gets replaced as you find other better moves, some of which can hurt your opponent AND lower defense simultaneously.

Leer (?), v. t.

To learn. [Obs.] See Lere, to learn.

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Leer, a. [OE. lere; akin to G. leer, OHG. & OS. lari.] [Obs. or Prov. Eng.]

Empty; destitute; wanting; as:

(a) Empty of contents.

"A leer stomach." Gifford.

(b) Destitute of a rider; and hence, led, not ridden; as, a leer horse.

B. Jonson.

(c) Wanting sense or seriousness; trifling; trivolous; as, leer words.

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Leer, n.

An oven in which glassware is annealed.

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Leer, n. [OE.lere cheek, face, look, AS. hleor cheek, face; akin to OS. hlear, hlior, OD. lier, Icel. hlr.]


The cheek.




complexion; aspect; appearance.


A Rosalind of a better leer than you.


A distorted expression of the face, or an indirect glance of the eye, conveying a sinister or immodest suggestion.

With jealous leer malign
Eyed them askance.

She gives the leer of invitation.

Damn with faint praise, assent with civil leer.

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Leer, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Leered (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Leering.]

To look with a leer; to look askance with a suggestive expression, as of hatred, contempt, lust, etc. ; to cast a sidelong lustful or malign look.

I will leer him as a'comes by.

The priest, above his book,
Leering at his neighbor's wife.

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Leer, v. t.

To entice with a leer, or leers; as, to leer a man to ruin.


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