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Something so simple, so pure, so wholesome, and so viscerally, primally enjoyable. Why the hell do people have so much trouble with the concept? Is it the the emotional baggage with which we saddle anything pertaining to sex? Perhaps we can see the matter more objectively through an allegory. Ah, here's one now...

An Allegory

I like to go to movies. It's more fun to go with friends, but if the movie is good, it doesn't really matter who I watch it with. Sometimes my friends go to the movies without me, and that's okay... I'll get to go next time. Now, imagine I had a friend who absolutely couldn't relax and enjoy a movie unless...
  1. I professed a deep, profound, undying, lifelong devotion to her that went way beyond the superficial pleasure of watching movies.
  2. I committed to never, ever watching a movie with anybody but her.
One would think my friend was pretty psycho and co-dependent, wouldn't one? One would think that this sort of neurotic behavior could jeopardize a perfectly good friendship and prevent it from progressing to the sort of deep, profound stage she claims to want.

Mr f1r3br4nd compared having sex to going to the theatre to see a movie. Sometimes you go alone, sometimes you go with a friend. Sometimes your friends go without you. It would be ridiculous to insist that you and a friend only see movies with each other.

The problem with this analogy is that it assumes that sex, like going to the theatre, is a casual, non-personal activity.

Let me illustrate. If someone were to, say, drug you and take you to a movie with it (it being a gender-neutral pronoun), would you care? You'd most likely be a bit annoyed, perturbed, disturbed; perhaps you'd say something like "Jeez! You could have just asked!". Definitely not suffering from any massive emotional scars, right?

(Proofreading thanks to Ichiro2k3.)

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