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Sex in the tub can be a wonderful change of pace. Sex in the shower is not such a great idea; too many problems, but good tub-sex is good times! Your elbows will have to put up with some punishment, and you and your partner will have to be able to fit (hotel tubs are good for this). Even better it's spotaneous: playing in the tub getting out of hand. DO NOT use any sort of bathsoap or bubble bath. They can cause extremely painful UTI's (urinary tract infections) in BOTH sexes. That means guys too, and these infections in the male urinary tract must be cleared up by extremely expensive (read: over $100 per bottle) pills. Trust me.

Update: Sex in the tub takes a bit of practice. One must be careful to avoid interrupting the female lubricatory system. Water is a very poor lubricant and can wash away the important stuff.

It has come to my attention that some noders don't like sex in a bathtub. They complain that the tub is cramped, hard to get a good position, etc. Okay sex in a bathub is not perfect. Nothing is. If you apply a little imagination you'll discover that bathtub sex is a great way to bring variety into your love life.

First, you don't have to be cramped. These days they make bathtubs built for two. The bathtub in my home is 43 inches wide, well over a meter. Many of the whirlpool tubs, are even larger. In such a tub two can engage in intercourse quite easily. You can also cuddle comfortably while sharing a washcloth. While such tubs are hard to find in entry level housing, they are available. And they can be installed. I had to temporarily cut out a wall to put this tub in my bathroom, but the job got done, it was worth the trouble!

Second, what makes you think that both of you have to be in the tub to have sex? Remember, sex isn't just about fucking. It's about intimacy. You can read Shakespeare to your lover while she washes. You can wash her back. You can wash all of her or him. Bathing your lover can be wonderfully decadent act of foreplay. And then you get to dry her. Okay so maybe you finish in the bed. So what?

And let us not forget that sex is not just screwing. A lover in the bath tub is often in a good location to perform oral sex. There's masturbation. And many, many other ways to to raise your local blood pressure.

Okay, beds are generally more comfortable and convenient. You're skin won't shrivel there as you spoon in the afterglow. You can leave the radio on. The bed doesn't get cold after a while. Bed is where you'll do it most of the time. But do you really want to do things the same way, all of the time? Bathtub sex is lots of good, clean fun.

This w/u relocated at the request of dem bones, as it was written as a response to other, more negative nodes. As far as the infection question goes while it is well known that bacteria thrive in warm, moist places-- among other things-- I haven't caught anything from the bathtub up to this writing. I expect if you keep things to a spice you'll probably be fine. But I might beware of motel tubs as you have no control over what the last user may have had.

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