I have always been multi-orgasmic. But all of my orgasms had been based "around" my clitoris. In fact, I originally thought vaginal orgasms were just hype.

Several years ago, a lover introduced me to this amazing experience (in the back of his jeep, in a very active parking lot next to a bar) by the right combination and movement of his fingers in my very happy vagina. I first thought I was wetting myself (mortification! embarrassment!) but I quickly recovered and realized this was definitely not the case.

My current lover has very quickly succeeded in finding his way to my "G" spot. He pays a lot of attention to my reactions and is the absolute best lover I've ever had.

By the way, this is an incredibly fulfilling orgasm - if you can combine the two types of orgasms, it is the ultimate in orgasmic experiences. For females. And by the way, there's no pee in the liquid.

Female ejaculation is something that can, in England, make an otherwise R certificate porno illegal.

In England, explicit consensual porn is legal, as long as it doesn't include various things including golden showers. The British Board of Film Classification apparently recently refused certification to a film called Squirt Queens, featuring lots of ladies, well, squirting. Apparently the Board had been told by the police that, as female ejaculate can or does contain urine, as far as they're concerned female ejaculation in a film constitutes a golden shower, and any film containing such would be treated by them as illegal porn, wether it was given an R certificate or not.

Bureaucracy in action.

What is Female Ejaculation?


To add some real content to this writeup: When the film 8mm was being classified by the New Zealand censor department there was an article about censorship in the magazine The Listener. They discussed how out of all the things they had to censor only one was an act that was legal to perform with a consenting adult. Yes, I'm talking about golden showers.

So this article goes on to describe the guys at the censor department spending some time watching one short piece of a film trying to work out whether it showed female ejaculation or a woman wetting herself in the height of sexual pleasure. One has to wonder what they were comparing it to....

I can't remember what happened in the end. I think they might have just put it down as a no-no due to the "We can't tell for sure" problem. They certainly take their work seriously, though....

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