Free Enterprise is a movie for geeks. But let me take this one step further and say this is THE movie for geeks - for geeks of all races, genders, colors, and creeds. Every geek should see this. I repeat, Every geek should see this!!!

Why do you ask? Well, the guy geeks will love it for, well, everything. And the girl geeks will love it for everything the guys love about it and also cause it's got a vague romantic comedy underpinning. And every geek will love it because it's got a rapping, drunk, skirt-chasing Shatner, and is vaguely based on a true story: the main characters in the film are based on the creators themselves.

Lemme give you a synopsis of the film: Two lifelong Star Trek fans grow up and end up in LA, working in the movie industry (One for a very Full Moon Pictures-esque Full Eclipse, and the other for a Sci-fi mag called GeEk). All their lives they've worshiped William Shatner as their own personal Jesus, modeling their male roles in society after his portrayal of Captain James T. Kirk. Well, the movie basically follows them around in their wacky adventures dealing with friendship, sex, Shatner, waitresses, threesomes, love, romance, and comic book stores. Eventually one of the main characters meets the girl of his dreams (and those of just about every male geek - she reads Sandman! And collects action figures! And gets vague Star Wars references, and did I mention she's gorgeous?) and other things happen.

You really ought to see it yourself, since I'm not really doing it justice here. But the main points I'm trying to make are that the movie is uplifting and inspiring in a geeky sort of way - the main characters (and creators of the film) don't compromise their geek heritage, yet still manage to follow their dreams and aspirations (eventually making the movie Free Enterprise) and also manage to have lots of sex. And that's what it's all about...

Another word of advice - if you can, try and get it on DVD since you'll really appreciate the commentary track and the secondary subtitles for the Geek-Impaired which explain all the references in the movie.

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