A lot of people like movies like Fight Club and American Beauty, they are excellent films, and Fight Club is a great book. I suppose that people like the ideas and tenets that these pieces of media espouse, live your life for yourself...you die a little bit every second...etc. But do we understand...do we REALIZE these beautiful points of light?

Time is running out. How many hours a day do you sit? Time is running out. How many really intimate relationships have you had with other real people? Time is running out. When was the last time you thought deeply about your place in the universe and happily accepted it? Time is running out. How many times, in the passed week, have you surrendered to something (or someone) beautiful? Time is running out. What steps have you recently taken toward achieving your dreams? TIME IS RUNNING OUT. What are your dreams? Time...is...running......

Before you walk around espousing your beliefs in freedom, equality, God, or anything else...act on them. Prove them to yourselves, otherwise all you are is a recording machine set on infinite replay.

Life IS beautiful. Every possible reason to explain our existance can be summed up in that phrase. Life IS beautiful. That is the geometric, algebraic, and calculaic theorem for why we are here. Life IS beautiful. Now make a proof out of it.

Go outside and hurt yourself doing it. Fall in love and hurt yourself doing it. Ride a bike and hurt yourself doing it. Pray and hurt yourself doing it. Like Kahlil Gibran said, your pain is the blade that carves out the cup of joy.


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