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To create a well structured strand of linked hexadecimal hydrocarbons with which to impregnate something.
Controlled Doublethink, belief in contradiction
The United States Air Force, Presidio of Monterey.
Eyeh Ashir Eyeh - "I will be what I will be."
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Dream Log: November 13, 2000
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So, this is my home node huh? It's awfully roomy right now, like a tiny brown dwarf amidst a sky of blazing Capellas. So, who am I? I am the reclusive scholar, but 18 years old, who has locked himself in the ivory tower of thought as a defense mechanism. I am the alchemist who adds a bit of gold here, a little mercury there, altering my personality at a whim, far too enrapt upon the shadow to notice the light. But, enough about me!

What are my interests, so ask you?
Kaos Magick
And other forms of mysticism. Whether any of it is real or not is irrelevent, the conscious enactment of faith is beautiful.

People I admire:
Nikola Tesla
Aleister Crowley
Rodger Young
Nancy Kress
Robert Heinlein