The dream started with me sitting in a hotel room. There was a very attractive man in the room, sitting on one of the two beds and I very much wanted to experience him. I stepped forward into the room and said, "Can I kiss you?" Then I stepped forward again and I was in a car with my friend Nicole. We were driving to some extraordinarily important military function really really fast along these insanely designed highways made of condensed sand. They were absolutely gorgeous in their bizarre complexity, though terrifying to drive along. We finally arrived at this huge silver building with many windows. I stepped out the car and then I was stepping into another car, my car, back where I used to live in Chicago. It was pouring rain and as I moved under a familiar viaduct I heard a voice in my head saying, sadly, "It is a shame that man is to be used as an instrument in the war of gods." This was a sign to me that I was experiencing the apocolypse. A few dream-seconds after I saw plumes of smoke pouring out a factory turning into thick clouds and the rain came down harder, and the sky was split apart by flashes of lightning. I found myself, then, on a rowboat on a forever twilight ocean where I could see only the tops of houses. The man from earlier in the dream, the one I desired, was sitting just across from me in the boat. He smiled, meeting my eyes, and asked, "Why aren't you kissing me?" I was happy, and then I awoke.