See, uh, here's the thing: I like you. I've been way more reserved since the Natalie thing happened, but you're in fact one of two separate infatuations I've got going on right now, so, so much for that.

Often I'll start making my case to you (really in my head), a hypothetical technique I've been hypothetically perfecting for years. It usually goes like this...

I know some things about myself: I'm basically a quiet guy; I have several outlets for my creativity; I am almost obscenely introspective; I occasionally write personal stuff for a ton of people to see whom I don't really know; Meta- is my natural mode of thinking.

The main thing I like to think about myself is that I can tell a really good idea when I see one, that I'm smart enough to hold on to it with such unending conviction and dedication and inspiration, that it would be impossible to steer me away once I put my mind to it. 

So I have some bad habits, like everyone else: I eat more than I need and spend more money than I must. I don't exercise as much as I should. Sometimes I'm not as nice to people as I want to be.

But I just need a better habit to come along, and that could be you, you know?

See, I could get used to holding you. I could get used to knowing you care. I could get used to earnestly rambling on about happy loving rainbows of God-knows-what-other-cliché in a way that actually made sense to us and didn't feel like a cliché at all.

And it's all so simple: I know you. I've watched you. I like you. I haven't the faintest clue how the "relationship" thing ever comes into being for anyone else, but for a start, how bad can "why not" be?

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