I kissed her hair as we stood
just outside the theater,
because her head was turned
and we were close enough,

in the crowd-hunched together.

I inhaled her scent and I couldn't wait
another moment to
taste a part of her.

She did not turn around
instead, reaching back, she put my hands
'round her waist
to let me know it was not

for capskippy-as requested

Together as one,
Engaged in a kiss,
Closing our eyes,
In deliberate bliss.
Joining our shadows,
From moonlight above,
Beneath all the stars,
Just me and my love.

Her arms hold me tight,
As I play with her hair,
Ebony, with curls,
Both luscious and fair.
We open our eyes,
When our lips move apart,
To look at the love,
We know won't depart.

Within us has grown,
This something so strong,
That to you and forever,
My heart will belong.
When moonlight has left,
And daytime is long,
I know that between us,
Our love will go on.

A love poem, for sure, And its a simple one but i'm happy with the flow and meter of the piece, which is smooth enough for a first time reader to enjoy.
We met under broken starlight; she alone was my moon that blessed night and we had no need for any other. Shy, inexperienced, demure, yes she was all of these things, but she was generous also to this lovesick swain and that has made all the difference, I recognize now.

At first we waltzed, uncertainly, then gradually more wrapped up in the emotion of the perfect moment which seemed to cascade in torrents all about us, star light giving way to a liquid warmth like no other, we clung to one another entwined. It was astonishing that I could not feel her beating heart, but perhaps it was lost in the noise that was the aftermath of our sweet anointing from above. I felt the touch of a bashful hand. Then the light failed altogether there, and our mouthparts met, a last caress which leads me now only to sigh "Oh, the things we cannot have."

That was six days and six nights ago, and I have no idea where she has gone off to. No time for thoughts of loneliness and shattered dreams, however, for soon now, soon and very soon, the product of our coming together there in the hair will blossom.

Our nits.

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