Every guy's hidden desire, to be a woman for a day, explore their domain, then, once the day's over, report back to your fellow men.

Admit it, you know you've considered it, at least briefly, for a few seconds. Just consider all the knowledge you'd come back with, all the things you'd see, not only would you come back enlightened, and closer to Zen, but you would be able to use your newfound understanding for your own ends.

Getting dates with that cute girl you saw in that lecture today would be a breeze, you know things (having never been a woman for a day, i wouldn't know!) now, after all!

Those other guys are going to be jealous! Think of all the money you're going to make, selling off your knowledge, which will also, incidentally, fund your insane lust for world power.

! Only on e2 folks, only on e2

I was a girl for six weeks some 2-3 years ago. I was cast as Old Man in Prelude to a Kiss.

I played an old man from New York City who wanders into a New Jersey wedding and kisses the bride. At that moment their souls swapped. For most of the rest of the play, I was a girl named Rita trapped inside an old man's body (no, I'm not old, it was all a theatre illusion).

Of course, I had to be convincing. It involved much more than pretending I was female in an online conversation. I had to study the manners of the girl who played Rita: I had to notice how she walks and how she talks (oh, yes, women modulate their voice quite differently from men). Of course, she studied me, since for most of the play she was a man in a girl's body.

It was quite an enlightening experience. As a method actor I tend to act like my characters even outside of the theatre. At that time I used to go to a coffee shop daily. I became very perky for those six weeks (I am not saying all girls are perky, but Rita as portrayed in the play certainly was).

People who saw the play with me started calling me Rita even in the coffee shop, and commended me for being a very convincing girl. Indeed, several months later a total stranger stopped me on the street and said that even though he saw my manly appearance, he still thought I was a girl during that part of the performance I was Rita.

Naturally, I do not act like Rita anymore, but I sure miss her!

A few years back I was playing alot of ad&d online in irc on undernet.

The character I was playing was an extremely violent (towards orcs at least) elven magic user known as Alandra Silverflame... Before I would goto the game channel I'd change my name to ^Alandra-.

I played this everyday for almost six months, it was a totally amazing experience.

As a man I can say I am very embarassed by the actions of my fellow men. I was literally hounded at times, I received private chat from both other people in the game and other people who saw me sitting in one of the other channels I frequented. Many times the chats were explicit and very rude without/hardly any preamble. Sometimes they were nice until I didn't respond back or until I blew them off. Other times they were insulting and degrading to females from the start. There were a few really nice men, but for the most part I found out that The male half of the human race is filled with egotistical sexually driven morons.

It truely was a learning experience and one that caused me to never play another female character online. I never realized how flusterating it could be to be a woman online.

Anyone who has had a meeting with a woman he met online needs to masqurade as a woman for just a month online. Just to give them an idea of what kind of crap a woman has to put up with online... it helps put things in perspective and will definetly help you appreciate the level of dedication a woman has to have to meet men online.

I really can't feature how much crap a woman would take from a online dating site. Mind numbing.

As a side note I asked a friend of mine who is a female computer geek about her experiences online... her response was: "I avoid the idiots... *polishes her ignore button*."

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