It's July 16, 2000 and I'm supposed to be on the phone with the IRS. They sent me a bill and want me to pay them another $500. I think they're wrong, so I've got to call before tomorrow and get everything straightened out. This means negotiating their phone menu system, explaining my return about 47 times to various people, and attempting to understand the tax rules. Then maybe if I'm lucky it'll get changed. Don't hold your breath. More than likely, I'll spend all day on the phone with them, forsaking all other work, and nothing will get resolved.

This is a perfect example of a phone call that you don't want to make. You sit around all day dreading it and thinking about it. When I have to make a call like this, I do anything else: clean up the house, node, sit and listen to music, play with one of several computers, make other phone calls, reorganize the mp3 collection, etc. Eventually, you've got to make the call. Sigh.

There are other calls you don't want to make: calling the bank, breaking up with your SO (sometimes), quitting your job (sometimes), school-related hejaz. I'm sure there are others.

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