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I know what it is to be a chipmunk.

I have been savaged by knife-wielding anesthesiologists.

I am... recovering from surgery... I am.... on painkillers... I am... without a girlfriend... I am...


Now that I've established my identity...

Yesterday, I got my wisdom teeth removed. It was...exciting. Curiously, the worst part was the needle. That's right, the IV. It's a genetic mental thing. See, my dad hates needles. As do I. Therefore, it is genetic.

Do not question me, mortal

So, there I was. 6:30 am - time to get up. 7:00 am - time to go to the dental surgeon. Whee.

Fill in the forms! Sign on dotted line.

Hello, I'm your doctor for the day.

Ooh, an EKG. Blinky lights! Biofeedback!

Hot Damn, here comes the needle! (what needle? I didn't feel it.) Even though my heartrate dropped by 40 after it went in - must be stress.

Bye bye, world! Nap time!

Ooh... I feel funny... Hmphgl? Out to the car! Goodbye, EKG.

Time for gauze. Sleep time...

That was yesterday. Today?

Today I slept, I read the Cryptonomicon, and I got to rinse my mouth with salt water. Fun. And take painkillers and antibiotics.

Right now, I look like a squirrel. My cheeks are swollen, because someone removed my wisdom teeth, and in the process managed to remove lots of skin, too.

Luckily, the painkiller is holding out. Otherwise I'd be pissed, or possibly whimpering, which is what I did when I vomited (probably due to the naseuating effects of the painkiller combined with the computer screen), and got acidic bile in my incisions. That was fun.

Ok. Focus now.

I haven't written a day log in a few days. I'm not sure why. My life has been like a recurrent concusion and I really need to get all these rampantly spinning thoughts out of my head before they find some undeserving target and spew all my hidden evil intentions upon him.

I'd like to dance with a fortune teller. They'd know how to lead and they could flow with their gypsy skirs and mysterious words. I want to realize the future. The future was presented to me yesterday in the most delightful way and I felt it was my future knew it was my future but I didn't grasp it like I should have. Why? i keep asking myself...

So I got home and a letter was sitting there which just threw my perfectly mapped-out existence into a violently flushing toilet and it caused me to go a little insane. Miniscule. And I couldn't stop myself from pondering over what I felt was my future what I knew was my future and seeing this new information and assimilating it into my head. Now it sits there and it rots and I don't know what to do with it. It keeps me up late at night writing inchorent beatnick ramblings and making various stir-fries.

I think I somehow ruined a friendship. The irony here is that I had already ruined it and was attempting to patch it up. Leave things broken, I should do that more often and listen to myself not to optimistic junkies high on their happy lives.

What kind of a writer am I? The more I plunge into Everything, the more abstract I become. I'm losing my one gift and talent. I doubt anyone understands .5 of what i write... But I so understand it. This is odd. I can feel so much more when I quit writing for others and only attempt to get the thoughts out. (This only applies to personal diatribes such as these. Some of my nodes aren't affected) But this is wrong. I need to reharness my creativity and find a balance which brings me to peace.

Be a writer. I should be a writer. They're right. Because I can write. But only when I feel like it and they've only seen so little of what I can do not even what I see or hear or what goes on within my head everyday. I'm so cursed in my blesings... it's always perfect when I never want it to be and perfection is least attainable when I try. And this is nothing...

I'd like to see some of this indecision getting blown up. I would pay for that honor, in fact.

Do you even read what I write or are you just sounding out
the syllables and making sense of my syntax?

Let me get this out and I will be at rest. And I won't plague you again with my paranoia and my restless thoughts which have never had a voice which could never be voiced.

Until now.

Mood-altering drugs keep my parents loving me and my wittiness brings me friends.     day ends.

Today, i went to Catalina Island, California with my girlfriend. Much Fun.

~45min to Long Beach from here, then 2 hours on the ferry. Didn't seem very long though, girlfriend helped that. We were both surprised, we figured an hour had elapsed at the most. Now onto the Island, we rode down a little ways on our Bicycles, only 3$ per bike per way, much cheaper then the 10$/hour some places wanted. After roaming around looking for a place to eat, and winding up getting yelled at by like 3 cops for riding where we weren't supposed to, we locked them up, the bikes, not the cops, and walked. Found a cool little restaurante which had half decent prices. Yes, 18 of our American Dollars for a large pizza (13") and 2 sodas. Free whole-shell peanuts though. I love places where they throw peanuts on the table and you throw the shells on the floor. It had dollars stapled all over the place, you wrote something on one, and stapled it where you wanted. We figured they had 750-1000$ stapled to the walls.

Mmm...pizza...Now off to the touristy shops to look at stuff. We both held up the ultra-tacky clothing we saw to each other, or just stuff the other would not wear. Oh well, we had fun. She wouldn't try on any of the bikinis though. Pout.

Now onto our bikes, road a little ways into the residential area, then along the coast. Found what i think is moonstone beach, and sat there for a little while playing with stones, just enjoying the waves, etc. We didn't bring swimsuits like the smart people we are. Whatever. Getting close to time to go. Hop back on bikes, ride along the coast, find out we have an extra 30mins. Sit on a bench overlooking the ocean and kiss. Very Nice.

Whoops, missed the line up call (we were there with plenty of time, just looking at other stuff. Oh well, so we get into line, get on the boat, meet up with parents inside, save some seats, and once into the open sea we went out onto the deck to look out over the water. We held to keep warm, one of the best feelings in the world, then went around the other side, out of the sun, where it wasn't so bloody freezing. Sat there most of the trip, then went back inside for last 30min to munch on some snacks etc.

Very Nice day with girlfriend. Different too.
My grandparents are in town. They're staying with us until Monday and have invaded the first floor of our house. Which is where MY television is, goddamnit. I also can't leave my room after they go to sleep for fear of waking them up, so I feel like I'm locked in an ivory tower. It's good to see them, though...been almost a year since they last came up from Florida.

Saw the X-Men movie tonight...was pleasantly surprised! The first truly decent movie of the summer. "How do we know it's you?" "You're a dick."

Plans for tomorrow: NONE! I love that feeling.

Maybe I'll clean my room or something...nah.

I'm leaving for the west coast of Vancouver Island until July 20, 2000. Although I am taking my laptop I will be net-deprived the whole time. No Sluggy Freelance, No Weyrmount II, No Slashdot, and No Everything2. The two books that are coming along with me are Larry Niven's Ringworld and Terry Brooks' The Black Unicorn.

Good grief!!! It's been 2 weeks since I've entered a day log. Mercury has been in retrograde during this time and life in general has been strange. Coincidence? Who knows!

Pregnancy countdown: 19 weeks passed, 21 left to go!
The baby started kicking almost two weeks ago. I'd forgotten what an odd sensation it is. This little person is only about 7 or 8" long and has itsy-bitsy feet, but he/she can already pack a wallop! This kicking is really going to be more and more fun over the next four months.
*~*~*fond rememberances of carrying my first child*~*~*
The first ultrasound was done Thursday. So far everything seems just great. I got to see the heart beating, a brief glipse of the face, and teeny fingers and toes... Too cool! The baby even mooned us while doing a somersault. Doc said that he only got a quick flash, but he thought he may have spotted the gender. Possibly another boy. Son or daughter, I don't care as long as this baby is healthy.

As far as rotten stuff... I'd rather not dwell on it. I just need to accept that nothing lasts forever, not even my beloved, rusty old '87 Grand Marquis. I'm just grateful that I've got enough money for a downpayment on something else.

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My Mother is the greatest Mum there is!

I went to my Mum's house for Sunday lunch and to watch the Austrian Grand Prix. We had salmon pasta and garlic bread, which was yummy. Mum then offered to drive me to a garden centre. She bought me some house plant compost, gravel, eco-friendly house plant insecticide and:

Whilst potting up these gifts, I repotted my Money Plant and put by my monitor. The kitchen is a complete mess after I randomly threw compost, gravel and growmore around, but I'm happy. I only mentioned house plants to my Mother because I read some of hamster_bong's plant nodes...

Mika Hakkinen won the Austrian Formula One Grand Prix - We all cheered when Michael Schumacher spun off. Schumacher tried to stop the race after he spun off by edging his broken car onto the racing line. Fortunately, the marshals had the safety car out and Schumacher's car was lifted off by a crane. It was obvious that Schmacher was trying to stop the race - he should be fined or banned.

I'm working on a series of Neoclassical Art nodes along with an occasional display of one in my home node if you're interested. Leave me a /msg and let me know what you think.

Well school will be starting up again soon. Registration packet for High School came in the mail for Number Two Son.

More upsetting is Number One Son blew off college orienation in June. I'm out $165.00 and he has to reregister. Be patient with him I tell myself, yet I was up all night angry about the whole thing. I usually don't give lectures of death but I came close to it this time. He seems more interested in spending his High School graduation money on getting a car. I have explained to him that they gave him that money for his college education.....then it's Should I apply for this credit card?, I called about the Camero in the paper, and oh I want $300.00 from you guys for my graduation gift, I can get this pick up truck I saw along side the road if you do that. ~~~ What is up with him????~~~

On my walk last night the sky was beautiful a chameleon sky as hamster bong here once wrote so beautifully about:

chameleon sky, with
your changing light
you caress my eyes
so thoughtfully

i lose sight of you, in the afternoon
but always, the evening draws me back
to you, to the beautiful sunset
slip from blue to pink with such ease

rivalled only by the
deep green of a sea
or the intense blue ocean
the one in my dreams

...I saw it last night.
It was lemon and mango orange, dark clouds mottled the sky, a rainbow shooting across the full moon glowing just before sunset. Like a celestial party to celebrate the end of another day
I passed a dead dove on the road (not too bright the doves are around here, they stay in the road till the last minute and some get hit by cars). I turned around and as I was passing it on the way back some guy in a low rider looked at me and deliberately ran over it's poor dead body only to watch the expression on my face. Hell has a place for people like him if hell will have him. We have had a lot of vandalism in the neighborhood....cruel things. A lost cat was advertized and someone called the owner saying they found it,left their address and said please return my call at this number ....excited and hopeful the owner of the cat called only to find out it was a prank. We had a neighbor not long ago that was discovered trapping the neighbors cats using transmission fliud as bait in a cage. Only to take the cage and plunge the haplless creatures into a full bathtub and drown them. Why are people so monstrous?

Trust in the Lord. Have faith, do not despair. Trust in the Lord.
- Psalm 27:14 (TEV)


Spent the first half of the day sleeping and vomiting violently on an empty stomach. Then went to Oslo by train. The base seems to become disbanded. I am leaving permanently early August to establish a new, so are the two others. The representative from The Organization has already left for Russia, although only temporarily.

Last night of my semi-vacation tonight. Which is fine, as I like what I do. Last week mainly involved sitting at the porch sipping lemonade, only interrupted by some meetings during daytime. From now on everything will be quite different from that.

Slowly realizing that despite the fact that my net flow of money has never been more positive, it seems like I'm heading towards serious financial trouble. The trend so far is that the more money I've got, the more of my life will be consumed by pondering financial issues. That sucks.

it's been such a rainy summer so far, and normally i really enjoy a good storm, but right now i'm not in the mood. i wouldn't mind facing the possibility of power outage if my boyfriend was here. but i'm trying to ignore it and relax with some diablo. i'm watching the langoliers in the background. i have fruit smoothie. i have my puppy and kitty. i am thinking about making a fire in the fireplace.

unsolicited advice of the day: don't get any credit cards with a limit higher than one paycheck.
This day, has been and is still quite odd. I thought I saw a lost soul floating in air.. I saw it but I couldn't quite determine whose it might have been, it wasn't mine, not yours. Perhaps it belonged to one gone before a time most thought they'd be there for.. foolish, foolish.. little humans who would suggest that they know when someone's time might have been completed. Is there really a time to die that could be classified as "right" by anyone? I'm not so sure..

Things I wanted to say today, but did not, will not..

"Don't eminate with false concern as if you are the saviour of those who only hurt your stupid plight to fit in, he didn't really love you. When will you figure that out? You can't help someone who doesn't care about anyone but themselves."

"We're all sad sometimes, just look outside.. the sky is even gloomy today. I wish you wouldn't rely on one thing for all of your happiness."


We watched "Gun Shy" today, and though I missed the beginning I thought it was a pretty cool movie. I like the proverb about the strawberries that Sandra Bullock says somewhere in there, and the general message of the whole thing is dreamy.. it's funny, too, if not disturbing in some places.

My uncle won the Steer Wrestling portion of the Calgary Stampede, Daryl Fisher.. he gets $50,000. Crazy, but oh so sweet. I dislike rodeos in general, but it's still cool that he won. I'm sure they need the money.. it costs a fortune to be in rodeos and travel all over the place. I've to go watch him on TV now.. I'll update this daylog later.
Today was an overall rather boring day. I spent the first half of the day swimming and lounging at my cottage on Honeoye Lake. At 1:30 I left for home with my cousin trailing behind. I had been invited to yet another graduation party.

I crashed the first party, because I knew the girl well and figured she wouldn't mind if I dropped in. She was happy to see me, and I joined a round of volleyball and later on some horseshoes. I ended up being pretty good at horseshoes, I had never played before. I saw some of her friends that I know and one of them was upset that I didn't run over and say "Hi." Throughout the day she talked to me more and I got the feeling she liked me. My cousin agreed. The only thing that threw me was that she asked if I had a girlfriend and when I told her no, she told me that Jen, a friend of hers, thought I was "hot." Note: Jen is the same girl I mentioned in my June 18, 2000 day log. She's the one who calls me "babe."

After most of the people my age left I went home and then to eat some dinner at Bill Gray's with Jay. We always eat there, it just seems like we have the best time eating there. No real reason, just that we like it. Sadly it was a Sunday night so the place was infested with q-tips, seems to be a hangout of theirs like Applebee's.

We went to Bryanne's graduation party afterwards, and there were a couple more friends I knew. More volleyball, plus some badminton. The girls sat around and did nothing like usual. Except that during the game they went for "a walk." Which is their highly secretive way of saying they were off to go smoke up. I'm strongly anti-drugs mainly because I've lost friends (the friendship, they didn't die) to it. I also see how they act and man are they annoying. Night dragged on and we were pressed inside by the onslaught of mosquitos in the backyard. Not even the tiki torches could hold them at bay.
The pot was starting to take effect on the girls and they all sat around the living room staring at one another and luaghing. I sat around hoping that we'd do something to pass the time rather than have them rely on the after effects of the drug. We didn't. Eventually the girl who was at the first party began trying to get my attention. leaned her leg on mine. Pushed on my sock. Pulled on my sock. Ripped my sock off of my foot. After recovering the sock hostage, I was just waiting for an out to leave. Luckily Bryanne jokingly said to leave. So I did. But first I had to actually get over and get my shoes on. The girl didn't like my wanting to leave. She crawled over and grabbed my leg, like a small child would with their mother, begging me not to leave and asking why I was. I told her it was tough to get my shoe on with her hanging on my leg. So she let go and instead rolled up my pant leg. Then she took my shoe while I was unrolling the pant leg, and put it down on the opposite side of the room. At that point she gave up, I retrieved my shoe and left. As I was leaving Christina sarcastically said not to leave after all I was the life of the party. Which got me a bit ticked. I don't consider it all too fun to watch stoners sit around, not to mention none of them even moved the entire night except to go inside. Oh and for the "walk."

Moral for the day: Don't do pot kids, it's just stupid and annoying.
yesterday/My next day log

About 9:30 Toronto time.

Technically my day started at midnight, so I'll start from there, since I was awake. My going-away barbecue was not a barbecue because of the rain, but that didn't really matter because almost everybody came after 10:00 p.m. My best friend came over early and we smoked a joint - a sort of party tradition for us. It also helps me relax because I get really jumpy before my parties.

The turnout was bizarre. An old friend who I didn't know was coming was one of the first to arrive. I had lost touch with him over the past few years and so was very surprised to see him. He's very straight edge and also quite strictly religious, and I knew he didn't approve of my lifestyle particularly, so I hadn't invited him. I guess I underestimated his fondness for my future roommate and I - either that or he just felt like getting out of the house. We had a nice chat and he played the hell out my under-used guitar. He's brilliant and I have a profound amount of respect for him, so I felt very privileged to know that he enjoys my company. Perhaps that sounds a bit self-deprecating - but sometimes it's hard to tell what a person's motivation is for talking to you. Circumstance and association can play big roles in who you talk to, and it's refreshing to know that a relationship isn't based on that. I know his motivations are positive.

I consumed alot of alcohol and marijuana but stayed surprisingly calm and somewhat sober, unlike my very sick roommate. A friend brought a giant plate of fruit and a homemade cake for us, which was devoured. To be honest - the party had a sort of indescribable vibe. I'm not sure if it was the particular mixture of people, or the impending separation which awaits all of us come September. There was alot of talk about the past.

I saw lots of wonderful people for the last time - acquaintances that you know you won't stay in contact with.

I crashed about 3:30 a.m. and woke up at nine, with my cat clawing at my window. I saw a few people off and cleaned for awhile, then went back to bed till eleven. People had stayed over and we went to the Golden Griddle for brunch, having missed the McDonald's breakfast. I've spent the day cleaning up and watching Annie Hall. I've been invited out to a couple of places tonight but have to start the nine to five tomorrow. Only two weeks of that left.

Yet another dismally boring day at work. At least now it's not nerve-racking and insanity-inducing. And you can have so much fun with a pricing gun. It's amazing.

My Linux box is holding steady at 182 days so far. Six months of uptime. After the first month, coming from a Windoze/MS-DOS environment, it was quite a switch. Now it's just getting unbelievable. Soon, it'll be rediculous. I have no clue as to whether or not the changes I made to the startup scripts will work right. However, next time I get an oops, kernel panic, or other system-disabling event (More likely a power outage), it'll be complete overhaul time... second NIC, new kernel version, experiment with networking, all that. Fun.

But, that's all in my life for today. Next week, a friend of ours that's been hiding in various places around the world will be coming home for a couple weeks. Amazing.

5:25 BST tommorrow(July 17, 2000)

Well, it's around dawn, and I need to go to bed so I can get up in time to go to work today, in under 8 hours. Oh well, life as a geek...

So, today I got up, watched some TV and then went to work around 14:00, until 22:00. What a day! Our phone was ringing once every so often, a credit card machine kept dialling out for no reason, and as for temperature problems... A very hot day. And to top that off, the drinks fridge was broken, meaning I had to shuttle drinks into another fridge, and the freezer. And then the freezer wasn't very cold...

Well, it's over. And now it's 7 1/2 hours after the end of my shift, and I need to go to bed so I can get up to go to work today. The reason for the 7 1/2 hours? Well, I was writing Perl.

I must rant at the idiots in this world. How hard is it to operate a door? One which is properly labelled, with push and pull on the appropriate sides? Sigh. I shan't go on, I'll never get to bed.

I saw the X-Men movie. It was good, I enjoyed it even though I never read many of the comics. (<Tom Servo voice> It's not a comic book, it's a Graphic Novel)

Most of the day was spent alternately cursing the Japanese and my father, while tearing the front seats out of my car (1988 Nissan Pathfinder (it's for sale if any noders want one)). I wanted the CD changer out before I sell the thing. Big mistake. Apparently installing a CD player requires 14 miles of colored wire, attached to 42 different parts of the car, and if you ever want the player to function again, you better find all of them. I also removed the oldest functioning cellular phone in the western hemisphere. (one of those black motorola bricks with the handset hard wired to it) That wasn't nearly as hard, though.
I walk past an iron fence downtown, with a girl bent over it, doubled. Huh. What's she doing? There's another girl with her hand raised in an arc over her head, moving langorously across a building wall beneath the stone windowframe. Hmm. Dance, i guess. And further back in the lot, a third is making airy passes on tiptoe across the grass below a tree. Dance, for sure. Are they practicing or performing? I am too shy to stay and watch, but walk on. I wonder what they are thinking of the audience, or lack thereof, as most people passing don't even seem to see them at all. Do they want us to watch? Or do they want privacy in public, and are challenging us to know which is which? I pick the safe choice, and everyone else does too.

It's a narrow lot, it and these thoughts pass quickly. The thin pale red-headed girl at the corner looks too tired for me to believe. No one is smiling. I smile at anyone i can.

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