My close friend Sylvar is Ben Ostrowsky, a terribly nice guy who I met in library school, when I was babysitting computer labs for the department and he was actually making said labs better. Tregoweth and I spent many evenings at his apartment when he lived down the street; he put up with us making use of his DVD player and cable modem. He was even willing to do all the driving from Tampa to Ft. Myers for the Florida Everything Get-Together II.

I introduced Sylvar to Everything, and we're trying to get his girlfriend Jodi (turtlebat) to join in the E2 fun.

Oh, and as he has to say rather frequently, he isn't a female Jedi, but the name was come up with separately and used in some Star Wars thing some time after he was using it.

(Originally written as a response to an almost-immediately-deleted writeup by everyone calling Sylvar names.)

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