When I was at college last year for the first time, also my first time away from home I began to feel intensely alone.

I never wanted to feel that way again so I started thinking, in a somewhat depressed state of mind, of ways to avoid it in the future.

I came up with what I thought was a good idea but now I don't know. I thought that maybe my sister and her friend(mine as well) could come live with me while I was at college, I was so depressed and selfish that when I talked about it with them it only served to drive them away from the whole idea. Now niether of them wants to do it and i'm not going to try and force them. If I had it to do all over again I would kick my own ass for treating them so poorly.

I now have to come up with some other way to avoid the loneliness which is a big part of the depression that I was feeling and I refuse to become depressed again. However, once I feel alone in one place I tend to feel alone everywhere whether I am or not so i'll have to work on it and I would greatly appreciate any suggestions from anyone who has ever been in a similar situation.

So far the only idea I have is to get my driver's license and a car so that I can come home to visit them whenever possible.
well, i guess the question becomes one of whether it's a physical loneliness or an intellectual one. i mean, intellectual loneliness, the urge to communicate with people who think like you do, is easily solved on the phone or with a chat prog (i'm a bit old fashioned; i prefer talk). a physical loneliness is a bit harder, though...you want to be around comfortable people, in which case, you're right, get a driver's license.

i've been alone (physically) for years, now, since i sleep the opposite schedule as my housemate. it ceased to bother me when i realised that people in other parts of the world were awake, and i could talk to them.

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