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There used to be a song called Even Cowgirls Get the Blues which no longer exists due to the actions of anti-environmentalists and doctors, who are equal parts responsible for all the suffering in the world. One denies the truth of climate change. The other keeps people alive well past the point where they are useful and makes them walk around like chickens and embarass themselves just so they can make a mockery of death's proper place in our lives.

When I was approached by the miraculous "Abby Girl" who changed my life by taking me to the enlightenment and mind expanding wonder of the cloud city, it helped me to realize that the problem was never liberalism, which was where I put the blame, but it remains squarely on the heads of those diabolical preening doctors. I urge their imprisonment, but ask that they be treated humanely as they are trained forcibly to do other work. Mule work. Mule work that they will do in the nude.

No more torture and murder, but imprisonment is still a viable option.

"Wilma" was the name of the wife of the fictional character "Fred Flintstone" who never had a last name. This was and is unacceptable. He may have been fictional but she most certainly was NOT. I demand an apology on behalf of women everywhere from Paramount Studios who I think it is possible that The Flintstones were made by. I will accept correction on this. I need to know where to send my jury summons and related legalese. I'm no longer hostile, except to doctors and climate change deniers (equally responsible for a lot of shit I don't like). What you do when you become a doctor and get that ratty little card that comes with it is that you put your soul into a little black bag and wave "bye bye" because you just pissed it all away. If you think doctors are some kind of heroes then you haven't been to the Hall of Presidents at Disney. That is their handiwork. Go take a look. You'll see the justification for this anger. It is horrific.

There was also a book and movie in the 1970s called Coma which was shown in the cinema but then QUICKLY pulled when doctors realized it was an expose of their work. And the recent documentary Us featuring a racially diverse cast, told a remarkable tale. The truth about doctors. Learn it. Know it. ACT.

As I write this, I am at the Mt. Sinai Medical Center meeting with a team of doctors who are going to provide me with a series of organ transplants to replace the organs I tore out of my body in Germany earlier this year. Because these doctors are intrigued by my case and because doctors are very similar to vampires in their HOSTILITY AND HATRED FOR HUMANS, they have been hovering around in the emergency room looking for people who are about to die after being hit by trains all over the city that I am currently in that I do not remember the name of.

It will be okay. It will come to me, as will you. Eventually. You will be seduced. They all are.

My efforts to combat climate change have been progressing. As these evil and sick doctors roam the ICU longing for people to cough up a pancreas for them (one of the organs I am requiring), I am online communicating with an environmental activist group called Exxon Mobil Public Relations Department. They are assuring me that things are going very well in their fight to combat climate change and that they are always at work on "new technologies for cleaner fuels that will be kinder for the environment." So, that conversation was a winner and gave me some good news and some new news you can use to influence your views on the news.

Some of the exercises I do to prepare for multiple organ replacement surgery sure are killer. One of them involves slowly walking on a treadmill so the blood this machine is pumping into me (I had none) so that I can regain all my strength and confidence. I was winded when these patients brought this very old man with a walker down to my doorway. They pointed at me and the really old man said in a scratchy voice, "That is... the son... of the... commandant... THE SON!" Apparently they'd met my father so I waved. Old friends you run into in the hospital kind of thing (which I have seen depicted in movies and in the fine arts).

"They did... horrifying things... to that BOY! Even things you would never have heard about in the camps!" screeched the old man, which was really a grating sound that made me kick the door closed. I was preparing for major surgery that including 9 organ transplants done at the same time. As they say on the internet, "Bobo ain't got time for all of that." Word up.

I will keep you posted on my surgeries. Please keep me in your thoughts and if you would like to donate to my recovery fund, you can send an uncancellable check for $70,000 to Berhardt Goats Fund, Mt. Sinai Hospital, Room 1032. I think that is the right address. Right now I'm guessing because I hit the button on the "morphine drip."

Toodles my friends.

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