The Fugees' version of this song is actually a cover of the original by Roberta Flack, which was originally called Killing Me Softly with His Song. It appeared on the album Killing Me Softly, which came out in August 1973, and was about Don McLean's song American Pie.

The original version was much better.

Also a rather lame movie, supposedly a thriller, starring Heather Graham and Joseph Fiennes. Apparently the filmmakers were unaware of the similarly-titled song, or just decided to ignore it.

There was some prerelease to-do over the hot and steamy love scenes, and how they might get censored or whatever, but I'm guessing that was just marketing hype. As usual, the Hollywoody soft porn is absolutely necessary for the intricate advancement of the plot.

Basically, you've seen it all before. If you haven't, what follows is an ever so slight * SPOILER *, but won't ruin your fun much. Happily living in sin bourgeois girl meets dark and mysterious rough cut boy. She is intrigued, they end up at his place and, ahem, get naked together. After several bouts of, erm, exhibiting their love, girl leaves girl's conservative boyfriend, and eventually marries boy, who is a famous but guilt-ridden mountaineer, and not only good-looking, but sort-of romantic to boot. Girl receives poison letters, warning her agaist marriage with boy. Boy's dark and mysterious past begins to surface, with frightening implications. Girl digs deeper, horrified, and by way of some clever and surprising twists, the astounding truth is arrived at.

What you might not have seen before, which the producers must be counting on to sell the film, is HG in (and out of) a great variety of underwear. There's not much suspense or action to the film (except for the usual "man quietly hiding behind door" routines), and although not a great romantic, I don't think the film has that appeal either. Heather Graham fans, will, presumably, appreciate her unfettered display of talent.

On the bright side, the acting is pretty good (I don't mean the kind they paid the star extra for), and the director and editor did a good job of keeping what little momentum the script provides for. Credibility is low, but technically it's an all-round competent evening's entertainer. A last resort film, but not a total thumbs-down.

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