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Node More Mathematics, node my (mostly original) recipes, and have a good time. I will also prove that Python is the One True Interpreter, and conspire against my archenemy, when I have one.
A smattering of maths, computers, cooking, some photography, and a touch of sarcasm
Non-logicians cannot make valid deductions; I cannot make valid deductions; Therefore, I am not a logician
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Gee, you turn your back for a couple of years, and they change the whole place on you!

Apparently, I'm related to another noder who goes by the name of ariels. The rest of my family is strictly non-geek (and therefore exist in the mostly virtual world of RL), and so merit no further attention here. Fellow-noders Geez and Footprints sometimes steal my beer.

Some of my nodes here have been intentionally or accidentally controversial or argument-provoking. I wouldn't say I thrive on that, but it does make for some good clean fun. I hope I haven't really offended anyone. Here are some nodes which got at least one belligerent response, or one disagreeing with my thinly veiled irony. They keep me smiling...

I am sometimes just sufficiently energetic to make a note of things which are unnoded, or deserving of further noding, which I might be able to help with. Here is a a subset of things on my hit list. Feel free to praise, ridicule, and send requests. Also, feel just as free to cut in and do my work for me...

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