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Most if not all of the organizations involved in the growing number of anti-capitalist demonstrations have officially stated that it is important to recognize the use of a diversity of tactics among protesters. This involves providing opportunties for all available people to get involved in a protest regardless of their preferred strategies. In the Quebec City protests, this involved setting up different zones: Green zones indicated protest without direct action, yellow zones indicated non-violent direct action protests, and red zones involved direct confrontation with police forces.

The need to recognize a diversity of tactics is evident particularly in terms of media coverage. While most protests involve large numbers of peaceful demonstrations, media attention is inevitably riveted on acts of vandalism and recently, to a lesser extent, the draconian measures taken by police forces. This detracts strongly from the overall message of the protests, and sometimes leads to anger within the anti-capitalism directed towards the more anarchic elements of the movement, such as the Black Bloc. By recognizing a diversity of tactics, leaders of such groups as International Socialists and Mob4Glob hope to promote an attitude of solidarity amongst social activists.

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