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A concept car by Dodge, the 2000 GTS/R Concept continues the ten-year-long V10 Viper tradition with renewed frenzy. The Osamu Shikado-designed exterior is 3 inches lower and 2 inches wider than the 2000 production Viper and its race-inspired lines (the concept is inspired by the GTS-R race car) give the concept a more aggressive stance. In short, it looks like a car whose pint you'd definitely not want to spill.

"We gave the body a strong profile with higher belt line, dramatic side gill, 'bump-up' rear fender shape and a more defined side crease. Seen from above, the race-inspired front-to-rear stripe now is tapered for a more dynamic appearance".

- Osamu Shikado

The most obvious sign of racing's influence on the concept is the high rear wing, augmented by an underbody diffuser at the rear and a race-spec air splitter mounted low on the front air dam. The car's styling was assisted by CART Championship Car racing's main car constructor Reynard to maximise downforce and minimize drag. The Viper concept is made longer, lower and wider by chopping the roof pillars one and a half inches for a lower roof, lowering the car's ride height by two, extending the wheelbase by three and widening the track by two to give the car a more imposing footprint. The grille features a more pronounced version of Dodge's "crosshair" design and a revised, fiercer-looking Viper badge. The hood (or bonnet for the Australians) contains a front air scoop and large slats at the rear and, like the rest of the bodywork, is made from lightweight carbon fibre composite. Completing the race styling is the backlight-illuminated race-spec fuel cell visible in the rear window.

One unique aspect of this particular concept was that it was made as a complete car, featuring a complete functional interior with air conditioning, adjustable pedals and a premium sound system. Probably the most desirable Viper to date, it's a pity there is only one.

Note: To avoid possible confusion, the 2000 GTS/R Concept is not the same as the GTS-R racing model that has been available since 1996 and has enjoyed much success by beating Porsche and Corvette.

2001 Dodge Viper GTS/R Concept


Cost: Prototype
Engine: 8L (488 cu in.) all-aluminum V10
Power: 372.9kW (500.1bhp @ 4000rpm)
Torque: 677.9nm (500ft-lbs @ 4555rpm)
Drive: RWD
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Body: 2-door roadster
Size (LWH): 4902/1936/1194mm (193/76.2/47in)
Curb Weight: 1476kg (3254lbs)


Acceleration: 0-60mph in 3.8s
1/4 Mile: 11.8s
Top Speed: 321.9kph (200mph)

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