Pillar is four member band that plays christian metal. It was formed in January 1998 in Hays, Kansas. and is now based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their album titled Above< was released September 26, 2000. Readers of HM Magazine voted Pillar the #1 Best New Band of 2000 and Pillar was also the recipient of a 2001 Dove award for Best Hard Rock Album of the Year (Above) and was nominated for Best Hard Rock Song of the Year (Open Your Eyes).

The June '99 release of "Metamorphosis" put Pillar on the airwaves and took their message into places that could not be reached through live performances alone. Their sophomore album, "Original Superman", brought the band's sound to a whole new level. In signing with Flicker Records, Pillar released the cd "Above" in September of 2000.

The musical style of this band as a whole evolved from each individual band member's own musical influences, such as P.O.D., Pax 217, Limp Bizkit, 311, and Rage Against the Machine. The combination of those influences is a mixture of rock, rap, and funk complete with catchy riffs and melodic interludes.

Members of Pillar are:

  • Rob Beckley (vocals)
  • Brad Noone (drums)
  • Noah Israel (guitar)
  • Kalel (bass)
  • Web site of Pillar can be found from http://www.pillarmusic.com
    Some of their music can be found also from http://mp3.com/Pillar

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