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A super-hero created by Will Eisner for DC Comics. Doll Man first appeard in Feature Comics #29 in December 1939.

Doll Man was Darrel Dane, a chemist. Having invented a new formula and with no safe, scientific way to test it, Dane did what any good chemist would do and drank the formula. Rather than causing his stomach lining to dissolve as one would suspect, Dane's formula caused him to shrink to six-inches in height, while maintaining his normal strength.

Dane found himself stuck at this height and despaired that he would ever return to normal height. He was aided at this time by Martha Roberts, the daughter of his mentor, Professor Roberts. She created clothing for the tiny man, having made doll clothes in the past and with having for blue sleeveless leotards, red capes, and red elf shoes.

When Martha was kidnapped by a criminal named Falco because she would not pay extortion money over some love letters, Dane rescued her from the criminals. He soon realized that through concentration he could grow to his normal height and back to his smaller size. He decided that he would use his new, albiet relatively useless, ability to battle evil and Doll Man was born.

Doll Man became a member of the Justice Society of America and the Freedom Fighters. He even starred in his own comic for a time.

Years later, Martha Roberts inexplicabley gained the ability to shrink down as well. She became known as Midge, the Doll Girl.

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